Sean "Diddy" Combs denies Cassie’s allegations of rape and molestation

Throughout the relationship, the lawsuit alleged that Diddy “punched, punched, kicked and stomped Ms. Ventura, resulting in bruises, cracked lips, black eyes and bleeding,” and forced her to have sexual intercourse with prostitutes.

“Ms. Ventura was terrified, isolated, and saw no way to free herself from the abusive Mr. Combs in her life,” reads the lawsuit, which claims Diddy frequently showered Cassie with gifts after the alleged abuse. “She found herself becoming numb to the violence she was experiencing and completely complied with Mr. Combs’ demands. She began to blindly follow his instructions for fear of becoming the victim of a brutal beating again.

Each time Cassie tried to end the relationship, the complaint stated that Diddy “used his networks to find her.” In one case, Diddy allegedly “blown up a man’s car when he found out he was interested in him,” Cassie claimed in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit states that by 2017 and 2018, Cassie was “desperate to leave” and “chose to completely distance herself from Mr. Combs and his ring of harassment and made a concerted effort to avoid him.” However, when she met with him for dinner in September 2018 to discuss ending their relationship for good, Cassie alleged in the lawsuit that Diddy “forced his way into her apartment” and raped her.


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