Sebastian Vettel Net Worth

Sebastian Vettel Net Worth & Annual Earnings

Sebastian Vettel Makes plus $30 Million a Year, His Net Worth 2021? One of the highest-paid Formula 1 racers, how much does Sebastian Vettel earns a year? Sebastian Vettel net wroth and cars, houses, properties. 

Sebastian Vettel is one of the biggest names in the world of Formula One. For obvious reasons, Formula One is a global sport, and this F1 star, Sebastian Vettel is a global star. Born in Heppenheim, Germany, this German F1 racer is ranked 5th in the F1 points ranking with 240 points.

Vettel began his senior Formula One racing career in 2007 with the 2007 US Grand Prix. Over the course of his senior F1 career, this 33-year old F1 racer has won four Formula One World Champion.

Along with international fame, titles, and accolades, Sebastian Vettel has also earned good money. This German Formula Once racer is a millionaire and lives his life millionaire-style. Do you know how much he makes every year? What is his net worth?

Net Worth: $140 Million
Date of Birth: July 3, 1987
Profession: Formula One Driver
Height: 1.76 m (5 ft 9 in)
Nationality: German

Sebastian Vettel is one of the Richest F1 Racers, His Net Worth

Sebastian Vettel began his senior Formula One career in 2007. In his 13 years long and ongoing F1 career, Sebastian has won every F1 title there is from him to win. Along with titles, this German F1 racer has garnered great fortune. You might not know this, but Sebastian Vettel is one of the richest Formula One racers in the world.

Sebastian Vettel Net Worth
Sebastian Vettel has a net worth of $140 million

As of 2020, Sebastian Vettel has a net worth of $140 million according to SportsKeeda. $140 million over 13 years of senior Formula One career, well, that’s a lot of money to gather in just 13 years, right.

Looking at his net worth and his time in Formula One, Vettel has garnered plus $10 million per annum throughout his career in post-tax earnings. You will be shocked to know how much Sebastian Vettel makes per year.

How Much Money does Sebastian Vettel make a Year?

Sebastian is one of the highest-paid Formula One drivers in the world. You can already guess, Sebastian makes millions every year. But, how much exactly does he make in a year? In 2020, Sebastian Vettel’s base salary is $30 million. Including a podium bonus, he will make $36.6 million in 2020. Also, he has endorsement deals to add up to his earnings.

In 2018, Sebastian was the highest-paid Formula One racer with an annual earning of $42 million. He scored $42 million in annual income all thanks to his new three-year deal with Ferrari. In 2017, Vettel was ranked at 18th place by Forbes in the list of top 100 paid athletes. Through his three-year contract with Ferrari inked in 2017, Vettel earned $50 million in the first year.

Sebastian Vettel inked a new contract with Racing Point, Details

The four-time World champion Vettel inked a new three-year long deal with Racing Point which will be effective since 2021. He signed his new deal with Racing Point in September 2020. Now he will race for Aston Martin Formula 1 team under his contract with Racing Point.

Aston Martin Formula One team released racer Sergio Perez, which saw the group sign up Sebastian Vettel on a three-year deal. Racing Point finished fourth in 2020’s Constructor’s Championship. And the group has high hopes for the four-time World Champion.

How Much Does Sebastian Vettel Make from Endorsements?

Athletes make a lot of money off filed and sponsorship deals are the best way to garner millions. The more your brand value is, the more you get paid by sponsors. Sebastian is one of the biggest names in Formula One and he does have a number of sponsors to garner from.

Though he might not make as much money as Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen from sponsors, still, he makes good money. Sebastian Vettel, since making his F1 debut in 2007 has enjoyed a great deal of success. He is among the most likable faces on the F1 grid.

Sebastian Vettel Net Worth
Sebastian Vettel Endorsement Earnings

He has sponsorship deals with a number of popular brands. Back in the days when he raced for Red Bull Formula One team, Sebastian Vettel’s helmet with German stripes brought him a lot of money.

Sebastian Vettel’s Career Earnings

Sebastian Vettel began his senior Formula One career in 2007. And throughout 13 years of his ongoing career, Vettel has earned a great deal of money. As of 2020, Sebastian’s career earnings are a total of $511.9 million. The major source of his earnings was his stint at the Red Bull F1 team, bonus, salary, and championship-winning.

Also, Vettel is still going strong and he will continue to make millions of dollars. His contract with Racing Point which will be effective in 2021 will make him $17.7 million per year. His contract with Racing Point expires in 2023. He will make $53.1 million in his three years with Racing Point in base salary alone.

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