Stolen Mandate: PDP Has Lost Its Purpose – APC Returns Fire

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has slammed the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over suggestions that the ruling party collaborated with the Election Petitions Tribunal to steal its mandate.

Naija News earlier reported that the PDP accused the APC of using the highly compromised election petition courts to rig the elections it won.

The opposition party accused the APC of castrating the opposition and imposing a one-party system on the country.

However, in response to the allegations in a statement by National Publicity Secretary Felix Morka, the ruling party said the PDP had become a burden to democracy.

The party alleged that the PDP’s harsh criticism of the judiciary was threatening democracy in the country.

“Since her dismal performance in the general elections, the PDP has been slandering and hurling insults at our judges at every turn.

“When he is not accusing judges of bias or corruption, he is calling for the dissolution of some judicial panels. Yet this same party has been the biggest beneficiary of the vitality and independence of the judiciary since the country’s return to civil democracy in 1999. In its psychotic hypocrisy, the PDP screams to the heavens when court judgments go against it, but cheerfully praises them. by the same court in his favor. Such anti-democratic and wildly manipulative policies are wrong and must end. “Without a doubt, the PDP has lost its purpose, its essence, if it had any at all.” – said Morka.

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