Switzerland – Kosovo Betting tips and betting tips | November 18, 2023

On Saturday, Switzerland will host Kosovo in St. Jakob-Park in the next qualifying round of the 2024 European Championship.

The hosts did great at the beginning of the Euro qualifiers, but have lost momentum in recent matches, although they remain favorites to advance from Group I. In the last match, they drew with Israel 1-1 and it seemed that they were already doomed. were cruising to a narrow victory thanks to a first-half strike from Ruben Vargas before their opponents scored a late equalizer.

Switzerland leads Group I with 16 points after eight matches. Saturday’s victory will see them qualify for next year’s final tournament, although a draw could also be enough.

Meanwhile, Kosovo have had mixed results in qualifying so far, and while qualifying for the final tournament is still possible, they need a remarkable set of results elsewhere to do so. In their last match, they defeated Israel 1-0, with the only goal of the match scored by Milot Rashica at the end of the first half.

The guests are fourth in their group with 10 points. Failure to win on Saturday will ruin their chances of automatic qualification for the European Championship.

Switzerland vs Kosovo Head to head matches and key numbers

  • Saturday’s match will be only the third match between Switzerland and Kosovo. The previous two clashes between both nations ended in draws.
  • The visitors have kept clean sheets in their last two matches after managing just one in their previous 13 matches.
  • Switzerland have scored 21 goals in qualifying so far. Only Portugal scored more points (32).
  • Kosovo has the second best defensive record in Group I so far, with eight goals conceded.
  • The A team finished 14th in the latest FIFA rankings and currently sit 91 places above their weekend opponents.

Switzerland – Kosovo Forecast

Switzerland have a back-to-back draw and have drawn four of their last five matches. They are undefeated in their last six home matches and will be looking to complete their qualifying campaign in front of their fans this week.

Kosovo is on a consecutive winning streak after failing in their previous six matches. However, they won only one of the last six away matches and could have expected defeat here.

Forecast: Switzerland 3-1 Kosovo

Betting tips Switzerland – Kosovo

Tip 1 – Result: Switzerland wins

Type 2 – Goals – Over/Under 2.5 – Over 2.5 Goals (Eight of the last nine home games have produced over 2.5 goals)

Tip 3 – Both teams will score: YES (both teams have found the net in five of the last six home matches)

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