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Worried about iPhone screen time? Do you find yourself spending too many minutes or hours on certain websites? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us worry about the amount of time we spend on our phones, and Apple knows this all too well.

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Apple lets you take control of your screen time and block specific websites on your iPhone. In this article we will show you how to do it. Whether you want to reduce distractions, increase productivity, or simply limit the time you spend on social media, these steps will help you achieve those goals.

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To block websites on iPhone, follow these steps in iOS 17:

1. Open Settings app.
2. Obtain Screen time.
3. Obtain Content and Privacy Restrictions.
4. Tap the switch to turn on Content and Privacy Restrictions.
5. Obtain Content Restrictions followed by Web content.
6. Choose how you want to restrict content. You can restrict access to adult sites by tapping Limit adult sites. This would block access to adult websites such as pornographic sites.
7. You can also block all websites except specific ones by tapping Allowed websites then add the websites you want to allow by tapping To add Website in the “Only allow these sites” section. There should already be some pre-populated web pages.

Blocking websites on iPhone is an effective way to take control of your screen time and reduce distractions. Whether you want to increase productivity, minimize time spent on social media, or simply stay focused, these steps will help you achieve your goals. This guide may be helpful if you have young children and want to limit their access to certain websites or websites they may view. These restrictions apply to all browsers on your iPhone (or iPad), including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.


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