Taylor Swift Runs and Kisses Travis Kelce After Buenos Aires Concert

Now that’s a hard launch.

Taylor Swift didn’t walk—she ran straight into Travis Kelce‘s arms after finishing her second Eras tour show in Buenos Aires Nov. 11, meeting the Kansas City Chiefs player in a strong embrace and sharing a seconds-long kiss as they made their way backstage at Estadio River Plate, following by a photographer. It marked the most passionate PDA seen by the couple, who began their romance several weeks ago.

And the singer’s daddy did not tell Romeo to stay away from Juliet. In fact, just the opposite: Travis watched the concert with none other than Scott Swift, who even patted him affectionally on the back and cheered when Taylor gave the athlete a shoutout during the show, changing the lyrics to her song “Karma” to sing, “Karma is that guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me.”

The original lyric has the word “screen” instead of Chiefs and many fans had speculated that Taylor wrote it to reference actor Joe Alwyn, who dated her for six years before their breakup earlier this year. The pop star has never confirmed who her songs are about.

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