The best gifts for gamers in 2023 – CNET

One of the benefits of subscriptions is that you can get gift codes for them at reasonable prices, and if the recipient is already subscribed to one, they will still be able to use the code to pay for a longer period of time.

For Xbox and PC gamers, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is, well, the ultimate gift, giving you a large library of games, the ability to stream many of them to play on phones, low-power laptops, Chromebooks and TVs, and many of them you can install on your PC to playing locally. One month costs $17.

PlayStation Plus Premium isn’t as extensive as Microsoft’s offering for Xbox, but for fans of the Sony console it offers a game library, cloud streaming of some older-gen games, and much more. One month only costs $18AND three months is $50.

And for gamers who already have a large collection of PC games, Nvidia’s GeForce Now lets you stream a large and growing number of them to any non-PC device, such as Chromebooks, Macs and phones. There are two tiers of GeForce Now subscriptions: Priority and Ultimate; you don’t have to choose which one because it is selected during code execution. For example, code for $20 can be exchanged for two months of Priority or one month of Ultimate.


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