The best kitchen finds to help prevent and minimize cooking mess

If, while trying to minimize kitchen mess, you feel like cleaning your kitchen thoroughly, read this article cleaning powder from Bar Keepers Friend will soon be your new friend. Made with a bleach-free formula, this cleaner removes rust, tarnish, mineral deposits and tough stains from most surfaces in your home. In the kitchen, you can use it to clean sinks, cooktops and exteriors, non-stone countertops, porcelain or ceramic dishes, and more.

As one Amazon shopper explained, “These things are staples for me. You don’t need much, or even very often, if you don’t cook with stainless steel very often, but if you want a used pot or pan to look like a factory refinish, this material is required. Think: the blackened bottom of a stainless steel pot, you might take it for granted, but this material can polish it with a regular cloth (or a sponge with a rough side).”


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