The creators of Saw X wanted more practical trappings

“Saw X” has some pretty memorable traps. The story takes place between the first and second films and depicts Kramer seeking treatment for cancer at an experimental clinic. When he discovers that the cure was a fraud, he catches dishonest fake doctors and nurses and subjects them to his usual tricks. There are pipe bombs implanted in someone’s forearms, a trap that requires cutting off a leg and sucking out the bone marrow of a thigh, a trap inspired by radiation therapy, and more.

In the Blu-ray commentary, producer Mark Burg described the change in orientation in terms of constructing these traps this time around:

“I think the traps were starting to go overboard, and one of the things we were really looking at was reducing the scale and size of the traps to a level where you can basically… you know, everything you need to make these traps is basically at the Warehouse level home.”

Greutert added that they wanted to make sure that the traps would not only be built in practice, but also read as practical on screen. The fruit of their efforts can be seen in the finished film. In particular, the eyeball suction device is apparently some sort of dingy, translucent PVC tubing connected to a metal, mandible-looking device. Simple! And so scary!

If you want to see the rest of these macabre goodies for yourself, “Saw X” is available now on DVD, Blu-ray and most rental platforms.


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