‘The Golden Bachelor’ Summary: Gerry deepens his relationships during fantasy suites

SPOILER ALERT! This post includes details from Thursday’s episode The golden bachelor.

Things are getting more and more spicy The golden bachelor.

Gerry narrowed it down to two women, Leslie and Theresa. With hometown dates in the rearview mirror, it’s time for fantasy suites. Gerry is in Costa Rica, ready for two last dates before he gets down on one knee. But first, he spends some time talking to host Jesse Palmer about what he has in mind.

Gerry claims that he is ready for more intimate contact with each of the ladies, not only physical, but also emotional. He thinks that when they spend a day together alone, they will be able to break down some of the existing barriers and really ask each other the hard questions.

He explains that his feelings are strong for both women, although he has not yet told Theresa that he loves her. He said these three magical words to Leslie after meeting her family in Minneapolis. However, he insists that he does have feelings for Theresa, but he just hasn’t found the perfect moment to tell her.

Naturally, Jesse asks Gerry about the more physical elements of fantasy suites, but Gerry isn’t very outgoing. He says he is open to it, but focuses on the comfort of each woman.

His first date is with Leslie. The pair start by pushing themselves 50 meters down a cliff into a waterfall, which ends quite dangerously. As Leslie descends, she begins to panic, losing her balance. To be fair, they’re only a few feet from this waterfall, and at one point, Leslie basically is IN This. But Gerry remains very calm and encourages her to leave (literally and figuratively). They reach the bottom, but they are wet.

After spending some time chatting in the pool under the waterfall, it was time to head back to the resort for dinner. It is then that Gerry hopes to have a more intimate conversation with Leslie. He says in a confessional that he thinks they both have rose-colored glasses on, but he wants to remain the voice of reason and make sure they are thinking logically about their relationship.

Once they sat down, Gerry says he noticed that Leslie wasn’t asking him many difficult questions. So she hits him with one straight away, asking how long it’s been since he had sex. He says it’s been a “long time” but doesn’t give details. Leslie says it’s been a year for her.

However, Gerry has other topics of conversation in mind, such as where they will live if they get engaged. They are both from the Midwest, but Leslie’s entire family lives in Minneapolis and Gerry lives in Indiana. Leslie admits that she doesn’t want to leave Minneapolis completely because her family is very important to her, but she also doesn’t worry about the details. She seems confident that no matter what, they will solve the case.

This answer seems to satisfy Gerry, who tells her that he just wants to make sure they are committed to working through these things together because he takes the “till death do us part” part of their wedding vows very seriously. This thrills Leslie because she says she has never been in a relationship that offered this level of commitment. She doesn’t want to be alone anymore and isn’t afraid to commit to this kind of Gerry.

Gerry asks Leslie to join him in the fantasy suite, and she agrees. Inside, they toast with a glass of champagne and Gerry tells Leslie about the advice he received from Trista Sutter when she appeared on the show. She tells him to find women he can’t live without, and he thinks that woman is Leslie.

The next morning, Gerry and Leslie are delighted with their evening. He says they stayed up until the wee hours of the morning talking about life. Did something more happen? We may never know. Gerry tells the cameras that he knows everyone will be interested in what happened in the fantasy suites, but honestly, he doesn’t think it’s anyone else’s business. Rightly.

Soon Gerry will have to leave Leslie and go on a date with Theresa. He says he’s excited to meet her, but struggles with going on more dates.

So far, he had managed to divide his time quite well with each woman. However, as he spends time riding horses with Theresa, he says he can’t stop thinking about what Leslie is up to. He’s not sure how to contact Theresa since he’s still processing his time with Leslie, but he’s trying to work on it as best he can. He finally allows Theresa to share her dilemma. She is quite understanding and admits that she has a lot to think about.

Later that evening, Gerry is ready to really live in the moment when they are out to dinner. This becomes easier than he expected when he and Theresa engage in conversation. He starts by asking about her career and she explains that before she started day trading, she was a homemaker. She eventually got a job at a securities firm. However, she is willing to start a new chapter of her life and retire if that is what Gerry wants.

She also tells Gerry that she gave up dating some time ago and has not been intimate with anyone since losing her husband. That’s why he takes fantasy suites very seriously.

Gerry seems pleased with their conversation, admitting that he was happy that Theresa brought up some more serious topics. They don’t hesitate to agree to a fantasy suite.

When they wake up, Gerry says it feels like the first day of the rest of his life. Looks promising! He also reveals that he finally told Theresa that he loved her during their night together. He adds that he is happy that it didn’t happen on camera and that there is something special between them. There are no longer any objections to it.

Theresa seems to feel the same and during a confessional she says that she is willing to say yes to Gerry if he proposes.

But Gerry has an important decision to make. He has to propose to one of these women, even though he is very much in love with both of them.

We’re almost at the finish line, my dears! Final The golden bachelor will air on November 30 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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