The Maligned Batman & Robin Is Getting A Cool Set Of McFarlane Toys Action Figures

The “Batman & Robin” action figure line from McFarlane Toys features Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Poison Ivy, and if you buy all four of them, you’ll have the pieces to complete the Build-a-Figure of Mr. Freeze. It’s a shame they couldn’t have included Alfred Pennyworth in there, especially since he’s such a key part of the movie, but it’s kind of miraculous we’re getting these figures at all, so we’ll have to take what we can get.

Sadly, the action figures are somewhat light on accessories. Neither Batman nor Robin come with any of their signature gadgets, which is a real shame, because Batman should have absolutely come with his own stupid credit card. But they do both feature a pair of ice accessories to make them appear incapacitated by one of Mr. Freeze’s ice blasts. Sadly, Poison Ivy and Batgirl really get the short end of the stick, because they don’t come with anything other than the Mr. Freeze figure parts. We couldn’t get a grapnel gun or some vines and flowers or something? 

Anyway, get all these figures and you get Mr. Freeze, who looks pretty good. However, I must say, one thing that always frustrated me about action figures of Mr. Freeze from “Batman & Robin” is that toy makers never actually have the figure’s suit painted in chrome, as it appears in the movie. Maybe it’s too expensive, maybe they know it will just end up chipping off easier, but Mr. Freeze has never looked as cool as he does in the movie because of this. At least he looks like quite the beefy figure, and for the dozen or so fans of the movie, this will be fairly satisfying.

You can pre-order all the “Batman & Robin” action figures individually at the McFarlane Toys website for $24.99 each, or you can buy all four for a discounted price of around $85, which makes the most sense. Don’t forget, there’s also that pack of six different big-screen Batman action figures available too. Now if we could just get some “Batman Forever” action figures with The Riddler and Two-Face, that would be splendid. 

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