Winter World Cup Qatar

The World Cup is not too far away now, with the winter months edging ever closer. It’s going to feel strange at first, as we have never had a Winter World Cup before, so you can be forgiven for not feeling prepared for the competition this year.

This article will go over what you can do to help yourself prepare for the World Cup this winter and make it seem more real. Let’s dive in.

Know The Dates

Preparing for the World Cup can be done in several ways. However, before you do anything, you should ensure that you are aware of all the relevant dates. Try to understand the full schedule for Qatar 2022, and you can help this to feel more real.

Ensure you know when your team is playing and if you feel like you want to book off any time for it, if applicable. It’s good to know when all these games take place so that you can prepare for each fixture in the right way.

Not only should you know about your team, but it will help you understand the format of this year’s World Cup so that you know when to watch other games. This will allow you to watch more teams and enhance your World Cup experience.

Qatar 2022 WC

Prepare To Host

Now that you know the dates around the World Cup, you should think about where you are going to watch it. You may not be able to watch the World Cup from pubs the same way you used to in the summer, but there may still be community watch-a-long camps in town squares that allow you to watch with a crowd via fan parks.

Otherwise, you could look to host some World Cup parties yourself, inviting all your friends along and watching together. If you are going down this route, then ensure that you have enough snacks and drinks to last the game, and consider getting some decorative bits where possible.

You could enhance your World Cup party by decorating the area with vintage football shirts from the participating national teams. You could put them together in groups or even have those attending wear the shirts of the teams to enhance the watching experience. A lot can be done to create a unique watching experience, and help you feel more prepared for the games to come.

Watch Some Highlights

To get yourself into the World Cup mindset, watching some highlights could be a fun idea. The games that you watch could be some of the qualifiers that helped the teams get to the World Cup in the first place, or you could watch highlights from previous iconic world cup games.

In general, you could watch some of the other international tournaments that took place in between this World Cup and the one before. This will be the Euros for European teams, but each continent has its own version. You also have the UEFA Nations League, which will see South American teams join in 2024.

Watching the highlights from these games can help you get in the mood for international games, as the friendlies may have been a bit dull for you beforehand. With that said, if it works for you, then watch them too. Watch whatever gets you in the mood. This, and all the tips we mentioned, should hopefully pump you up for this winter’s tournament.

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