There is no end to Palestinian suffering and there is no end to Israel’s war in Gaza

Israeli airstrikes killed many Palestinians at the al-Fakhoora school run by the United Nations Palestine Refugee Agency (UNRWA), the Jabalia refugee camp, and another school in Tal al-Zaatar, also in northern Gaza.

At least 50 people were killed in an attack on al-Fakhoor’s school on Saturday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said on Saturday. It said hundreds of people were killed and injured in both attacks, with the total death toll estimated at 200.

Several hundred people are believed to have taken refuge in both schools, fleeing relentless Israeli attacks. The attack on al-Fakhoor is believed to have occurred in the early morning hours, while the attack on Tal al-Zaatar occurred later in the day.

The Israeli military ordered Palestinians to leave northern Gaza for their safety, but deadly airstrikes continued to hit central and southern areas of the narrow coastline.

According to United Nations data, approximately 1.6 million people have been displaced in the six weeks of fighting in the Gaza Strip. According to Palestinian officials, at least 12,000 people, including 5,000 children, have been killed since then in the Israeli army’s ruthless air and ground campaign.


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