This incredibly affordable Amazon sheet set has over 355,600 five-star reviews

Here’s what reviewers say:

“Wow! What a surprise! I bought them for my guest bed because of the cheap price, but when I took them out of the package and saw how soft they were, I placed them on the bed. I never expected such comfort for this price. “

“Today I’m buying my third and fourth set of these sheets. One will be a gift for my mom and dad. Over a year later I have had no problems. They still moult, fit perfectly and are easily adaptable to weather changes. When it’s chilly, I add a flannel sheet or blanket. You can’t beat this set for under $20. Additional standard and king size pillowcase sets are available.

“I love these sheets. Seriously. I have a very hard time finding sheets, even in the Twin XL size, that don’t pull off our Sleep Number raised headboard mattress. They actually seem a tad too long, which is fantastic. They are VERY soft and feel like a silky sheet. I will be purchasing many more sets of these, especially since I have children with sensory issues and they will REALLY enjoy the smooth, soft-touch material of the sheets.”

“All right? First of all, these sheets are soft. Are they high quality, soft Egyptian quality? Well, no, because it’s microfiber. But these are the softest microfiber sheets I have ever come across. Although they are lightweight, they are not thin sheets. I followed the washing instructions on the package and they have held up very well to several washes now and the seams are still strong and intact.

“I usually buy cotton-only sheets, so I thought I’d try these. Surprisingly, they are very pleasant to care for and sleep well on! I’m a “warm sleeper” (even in winter) and I love cool places to be able to move my foot when I need to “regulate” the temperature. These sheets test me. The temperature stays moderate while I sleep, neither too hot nor too cool.


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