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In cricket’s battle of willow and leather, the physical battle between the batsman and fast bowler has always been the essential part of the spectacle. Some of the bowlers rely on swing and variation of pace to outdone the batsman but some of the bowlers rely purely on pace to terrorized the opposing batsman. There have been few instances when a fast bowler has showed their express pace of 160+ Km/h in cricket. One of those deliveries were bowled by the former Australian pacer, Shaun Tait who bowled a ball at the pace of 100 Mph in a match against Pakistan.

In a T20 match against Pakistan in 2010, Shaun Tait came to bowl the first over for Australia, defending the target of 128 runs. From the first ball of the over, Tait was bowling at the pace of 155+ km/h. While delivering his third ball of the over, he smashes the barrier of 100 mph which just passed the edge of Imran Farhat bat. This wasn’t the only time Shaun Tait delivered the 100 mph ball as bowled his fastest and the second-fastest ball in the world against England in 2010. The ball was measured at 161.1 km/h which is equal to the fastest ball delivered by Brett Lee and behind world fastest bowler Shoaib Akhter.

A Bit about Shaun Tait Career  

Shaun Tait was one of the fastest bowlers in the world of cricket as he regularly delivered the balls at a speed of up to 155 km/h. Due to his pace, he came into international cricket with lots of promise. As he represented the Australian cricket team in all three formats. However, his playing career was plagued with a series of injuries which pushed him to retire from all formats in 2017. But, his searing pace will always be remembered in cricket history.

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