Tinubu’s government is the most transparent in Nigeria’s history, says Ribadu, the national security adviser

National Security Advisor Nuhu Ribadu says President Bola Tinubu’s government is the most transparent in Nigeria’s history. He also claimed that security across the country had improved since Tinubu took power on May 29.

“The leadership we have in our country actually understands the situation a little better. “Work more, talk less,” the national security adviser said. “Rather, this government is the most transparent government in the history of Nigeria in public affairs. Honestly, we will be honest and do our best.”

Commenting on the security situation in the country, Ribadu also revealed that the current administration has inherited difficult security times.

He stated this on Thursday during the ongoing 19th Annual Conference of Nigerian Editors in Uyo with the theme: “Stimulating Economic Growth, Technological Progress: The Role of Media.”

Ribadu appealed for patience from Nigerians as the Tinubu-led government deals with the security challenges plaguing the country.

“We’re all in this together. As a national security adviser, you want to hear about national security. We were there for about five months, a few days after I started working in the office. We gave Nigeria to President Bola Tinubu to run it for us.

“I’ve been by his side over the last five months and I’ve seen where things were and what they looked like when we started, and I hope that the direction we’re going in is OK,” the country’s top security adviser said.

He emphasized that “we have inherited a difficult period” and appealed “for patience and understanding”, admitting that “these are difficult times and this is reality.”

“We don’t condemn anyone, but this is the truth. Those in power must tell the truth, tell it like it is, and then hopefully things will be better for you. As I said, my coming is to identify myself with you. I am also asking for your support,” Ribadu repeated. “We are going through difficult times. This requires all of us to come together. We are all in this together. This won’t last very long. It’s a matter of time. Will be better.”

He said the Niger Delta had oil production of 1.1 million barrels per day “at the time of acquisition.”

“Today, crude oil production is over 1.7 mbd. We have witnessed three weeks without any security incidents in the Niger Delta. This is the first time since 1993, but we are not talking,” said the pioneer in the fight against corruption.

In the Southeast, where residents continue to report incessant brutal killings, particularly in Nance and other parts of Anambra, Ribadu said that “not a single person has died in brutal attacks in the last two months.”

“When we took power last year, 46 police stations were attacked. Today we don’t have a single one,” Ribadu said.

“We are not talking,” he emphasized.


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