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Total Sportek

The days of cable and satellite TV as the primary source of entertainment are slowly diminishing as live streaming websites are gaining popularity these days. With people looking for different streaming websites to get entertained. This is why people are getting subscribed to streaming services like Hulu TV, DAZN, YouTube TV, etc. But, all these services are paid and you have to pay approximately 30 to 40 USD per month.

So, people start looking for alternative ways to watch all the sports content. This is where Total Sportek comes into play which is a free sports streaming platform. Through Total Sportek, you can easily watch all the live matches of various sports.






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Streaming on Total Sportek

As we have mentioned above, Total Sportek provides different sporting events live coverage and provide the good quality streaming links to the users. The best thing about this platform is that they provide many links to one match. The users can choose the links which they think works best for them.

There aren’t many good free streaming platforms that provide live coverage of different sports in one place. Football, basketball, baseball, etc. you name it, all the sporting events can be found on this platform.

They have a simple website design and all the sports have been categorized in different sections. On the website header, you will see all the categories and you can find all the links to your favorite sport. There are some articles on the website as well because Total Sportek is like a blog which is just making it convenient for people to stream live matches without any hassle.

How to Access Total Sportek

To access their website is quite simple. Just search “Total Sportek” on Google and open the first link you see in the Google search result. Once you’ve opened the website, you will see a few lines description about the site and how you can find many sporting events details on the website.


Total Sportek is a very good streaming platform for anybody who doesn’t want to spend a dime on streaming subscriptions. But, we think they can do a lot more than providing just only the streaming links. As they have mentioned on their website homepage that they are a kind of blog which isn’t covering common articles.

However, we think they should cover some of the common news and articles because this way they will be able to generate more traffic on the website.


If you’re looking for a simple website that just provides you with numerous streaming links for a live match then Total Sportek is the best place for you.

But, if you’re looking for the latest news and updates from the world of sports then you should visit websites like Sky Sports, BBC Sports, ESPN, etc. Because as we have mentioned earlier it isn’t like a common sporting blog that covers everything that is happening in the sporting world.

Pros Cons
Good quality streaming links Pop-up ads
Simple interface Some broken streaming links
Separate sections for different sports

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