San Marino Motorcycle Grand Prix

Are you looking for ways to watch the San Marino 2022 Live Stream? If that’s the case then in this piece you will get to know about several ways to the live stream of the race. However, before we start telling you guys about the live stream, we will tell you about the 2022 season. To know all the details about the MotoGP, you need to stick with us to the end. Read on!

MotoGP 2022 Championship

This year’s championship has started with two races in Qatar, both races provided a lot of entertainment to the fans all around the world. This year rider lineups are quite interesting with some major names in the MotoGP switching teams. The Italian rider Valentina Rossi has switched his team after 15 years. He had two stints with the Monster Energy Yamaha team in 15 years. But, now he has joined the Petronas Yamaha team. The Monster Energy Yamaha team has signed the Petronas Yamaha team rider  Fabio Quartararo. The new Yamaha rider has made quite a good start to the 2022 season. This year we are not going to see Andrea Dovizioso who is taking a break from the MotoGP.

This year we have got to see some amazing races so far as the new season of MotoGP enters into the eight-round. The 8th race of the season will take place in Germany where Fabio Quartararo will try to keep his lead in the championship intact.

The Grand Prix of Doha had a different winner, Fabio Quartararo of the Monster Energy Yamaha team won the only night race of the MotoGP. The second and third positions were claimed by Johann Zarco and Jorge Martin of Pramac Racing respectively. In the next race in Portugal, Fabio Quartararo drove brilliantly to claim the first spot on the podium. In the second podium position came Francesco Bagnaia of the Ducati Lenovo team followed by the last year’s champion Joan Mir who came third. The next two races in Spain and France respectively were won by Jack Miller of the Ducati Lenovo team.

Current MotoGP 2022 Rider Standings

After 5 rounds of the MotoGP 2022 championship, Fabio Quartararo is leading the championship with 80 points followed by Ducati rider Francesco Bagnaia with 79 points. In third place, we have another Ducati rider Johann Zarco who has 68 points. If you want to know about the complete rider’s standings then see the table given below.








Francesco BAGNAIA



Johann ZARCO






Maverick VIALES



Joan MIR




































Stefan BRADL



Valentino ROSSI

















What is the Schedule of MotoGP 2022

Dorna who is the organizing body of the MotoGP announced the race calendar at the start of the season. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, they had to make some changes to the calendar. Before the start of the season, they added Finnish Grand Prix. But, later they canceled it and added three reserve races to the calendar which were Russian Grand Prix, Indonesian Grand Prix, and Portuguese Grand Prix. However, the Russian and Indonesian Grand Prix’s were dropped from the reserve list and only the Portuguese Grand Prix was added to the race calendar as Argentina and United States Grand Prix were also dropped from the calendar.

San Marino Motorcycle Grand Prix 2021Another race that was dropped from the calendar was the Czech Republic Grand Prix which is one of the famous Grand Prix’s in the race calendar. Due to the maintenance work required on the track, the track authorities had to pull out from this year’s championship because the work required on the track cannot be completed in time due to financial difficulties. So, after the cancellation of all these races, the MotoGP race calendar looks like the following.

Complete MotoGP 2022 Race Calendar

Grand Prix



Qatar Grand Prix

Losail International Circuit

March 28th 2021

Doha GP

Losail International Circuit

April 4th 2021

Portugal Grand Prix

Autdromo Internacional do Algarve

April 18th 2021

Spain Grand Prix

Circuito de Jerezngel Nieto

May 2nd 2021

France Grand Prix

Le Mans

May 16th 2021

Italy Grand Prix

Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello

May 30th 2021

Catalunya Grand Prix

Circuit de Barcelona

June 6th 2021

Germany Grand Prix


June 20th 2021

Netherlands Grand Prix

TT Circuit Assen

June 27th 2021

Finland Grand Prix


July 11th 2021

Austria Grand Prix

Red Bull Ring Spielberg

August 15th 2021

United Kingdom Grand Prix

Silverstone Circuit

August 29th 2021

Aragon Grand Prix

MotorLand Aragn

September 12th 2021

San Marino Grand Prix

Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli

September 19th 2021

Japan Grand Prix

Twin Ring Motegi

October 3rd 2021

Thailand Grand Prix

Chang International Circuit

October 10th 2021

Australia Grand Prix

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

October 24th 2021

Malaysia Grand Prix

Sepang International Circuit

October 31st 2021

Valencia Grand Prix

Circuit Ricardo Tormo

November 14th 2021

When the San Marino MotoGP 2022 will be held?

The San Marino MotoGP will take place from 17th September to 19th September 2022 at the Maisano Circuit, Italy. It has been the permanent race in the MotoGP calendar since 2007. The first and second practice session of the race will be held on the 17th of September followed by the third practice session and qualifying on the 18th of September. The main race will take place on 19th September 2022. All the race categories will be broadcasted live on TV and on various streaming platforms. Right now we don’t have any information regarding the fans attending the race. If there is any news on whether fans can attend the event or not, we will let you know about it.

How to Watch the San Marino MotoGP 2022 Live Stream

As we have mentioned above, there are different TV channels and live streaming platforms that show the live coverage of MotoGP races. The broadcasting rights are distributed to various media companies so that people worldwide can see the live coverage of the races. For your convenience, we have added the complete list of TV broadcasters in the TV section given at the start of the article. So, if you’re looking for the TV channel that will telecast the San Marino MotoGP in your area then you should take a look at that list.

The TV channels mentioned in the list have live streaming services as well like BT Sport which is available on cable/satellite TV and have the live streaming service as well. These media networks provide high-quality streaming to the users and show the highlights as well in case anyone has missed the live coverage. These TV channels and streaming platforms can be accessed in a specific region as they don’t have the rights in all the countries.

You can use these platforms on your mobile device, tablets, and PCs. You simply need a good internet connection to watch the live stream on any platform you like.

Where to Watch the San Marino MotoGP 2022 Live Stream in the United Kingdom

The live coverage of the MotoGP is available on BT Sport in the UK. If you’re living in the UK area then you must get subscribed to BT Sport. All the races are streamed live on BT Sport and you can enjoy the live coverage on their cable/satellite TV channel and live streaming service. BT Sport streaming service is easily available and you can access it from any part of the UK. It is a subscription-based service where you have to pay on a monthly or yearly basis to watch the live coverage of any sport you want.

If you’re living in the United Kingdom then BT Sport is the only network where you can see the live coverage of MotoGP. Because other networks don’t have the broadcasting rights to show the live coverage. The streaming quality is excellent on BT Sport as they give users the option to adjust the video quality according to their needs. You can switch the video quality to HD if you have a fast internet connection because without a fast internet connection you cannot watch the stream in HD quality.

If you want to watch the race highlights on TV, you can watch it on ITV 4 which is available on cable/satellite TV.

How to Watch the Live Streaming of the San Marino MotoGP 2022 in the US

There is only one channel that is showing the live coverage of MotoGP in the US and that is NBC Sports. NBC Sports has exclusive rights to show all the races in MotoGP calendar live. You can enjoy all the races live from the comfort of your home. Just tune in to NBC Sports on your cable/satellite TV and watch the races live.

Nowadays, there are some online TV services available as well that allow you to stream different TV channels live. The services like Fubo TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, etc. shows the live coverage of different channel and subscriber of these services can watch different TV channels online on their smart devices and PCs. So, if you’re interested in watching TV online then you have to get subscribed to any one of these services as it is the easy way to watch TV online. With a subscription to such services, you can watch several sports on your preferred device.

To use any one of these services, you have to get subscribed to them first because without a subscription you cannot access them. With services like YouTube TV, you can watch MotoGP anywhere you want and on any device you like. Just go to any of the online TV services websites and complete the sign-up process. Once the sign-up process has been completed, you will be able to watch several TV channels on your mobile device and PC.

Where to Watch San Marino MotoGP 2022 Live Stream in the Indian Sub-Continent

If you’re living in the Indian-subcontinent region then there is only one broadcaster that is showing the live coverage of MotoGP. Eurosport is the only media network that has the broadcasting rights for MotoGP in the region. It is available on cable/satellite TV and has a live streaming service as well. Through its live streaming service, you can watch all the MotoGP action on your mobile device and PC. In order to watch the live stream, you have to get subscribed to the streaming service first which is quite easy.

Just visit Eurosport’s official website and complete the registration procedure. Once you have completed that you will be able to watch the live stream. Just like other streaming platforms, Eurosport is a paid streaming platform and cannot be accessed without paying the monthly or yearly dues. You can check the package on their website and choose any package you like. With a good internet connection, you can watch the live stream in HD quality.

What is MotoGP Videopass and How You Can Watch the San Marino Grand Prix on it?

If you’re looking best quality live streaming for MotoGP and more related content to it then you must get subscribed to MotoGP Videopass. MotoGP Videopass is a paid streaming service that shows all the races live in various countries. It is the official streaming service from MotoGP and it is a great way to watch any race you like. As we have told you that it is a paid streaming service and you cannot use it without buying a subscription.

So, if you want to watch the live stream of San Marino MotoGP on Videopass then just go to MotoGP’s official website and click on the Videopass button. After clicking on it, you will be redirected to a new page where you will get all details about the subscription charges. There are two packages which they are offering, one is a monthly package and another is a whole season package. The monthly package will cost you 29.99 euros and the whole season package will cost you 139.99 euros. So, you can decide which package is best for your needs.0

Can You Watch the San Marino MotoGP 2022 Live Stream for Free?

The list of the broadcaster that we have mentioned in this article shows the live coverage on pay to watch basis. You cannot stream the races live without paying the broadcaster on a monthly or yearly basis. This means if you’re interested in watching the MotoGP live on official channels then you must pay the subscription fee. However, with advancement in technology, many websites are showing the live coverage of MotoGP and other sports for free which is great for anyone who likes to watch sports online without spending a dime.

The websites like Vipbox, CricHD, Crackstreams, etc. provide a good quality live stream of several sports free of cost. These live streaming websites can be accessed from any part of the world on any device you want. To watch the live stream on these websites, simply go to any website you like and click on the streaming link posted on the website. After clicking on the link, you will be taken to a new page where you can watch the live stream by clicking on the play button. There are some advertisements on these websites but when you consider the fact they are showing the races free of cost then you can ignore the ads.

How to Watch San Marino MotoGP 2022 Live Stream on Vipbox

As we have told you guys about the free live streaming before but we haven’t discussed a specific live streaming website like Vipbox which is a great way to watch the live stream of different sports such as Football, Basketball, MotoGP, etc. It has a great interface and you could easily find the streaming links for various sports as there are different categories for each sport. Simply go to the website and choose the sport you want to see in this case MotoGP and click on the streaming link posted in the MotoGP section.

All the links posted on the site have good quality and you can watch it in HD as well if you have a good enough internet connection. The links remain on the site until the end of the race and you can access those links during the race. After the end of the race, you can access some of the links to watch the post-race stuff.

How to Watch the Highlights of San Marino MotoGP 2022

As we have told you about the free live streaming websites but some websites show the highlights of MotoGP for free. However, most of the time the highlights on such websites get blocked due to copyright claims. So, instead of watching the highlights on such websites, you should look for the official channels like MotoGP official website and YouTube channel. The MotoGP YouTube channel is one of the easiest ways to watch the race highlights. All the highlights are in HD quality and you can see all the race categories like MotoGP, Moto 2, and Moto 3 highlights on the channel. If anyone is subscribed to the MotoGP Videopass then he/she can easily watch the highlights as well.

The race highlights are also shown on some of the TV channels that broadcast the MotoGP.

Do you need a VPN to Access the Official MotoGP Live Stream?

The official live streams are mostly geo-restricted and cannot be viewed in all parts of the world. Take an example of Eurosport that has the rights to show the live stream in the Indian Sub-continent region and they cannot broadcast the races outside that region. Because if they do broadcast the race outside the region then they will be doing broadcasting rights infringement. This is why most official streams are geo-restricted. So, if you’re in a region where the live stream is geo-restricted then you have to get the help of a VPN.

VPN is software that helps you in unblocking the restricted content in your region and keeps your identity safe from cyber-criminals. So, if you’re in a region where MotoGP live stream isn’t available then just download any VPN you think works best. After that, turn the VPN on and start watching the live stream on your preferred channel. However, to watch the blocked content using a VPN, you must have a good quality VPN service like ExpressVPN that doesn’t slow down the live stream and also keeps your device safe from online attacks.

Well, there you have it guys! This was all about the San Marino MotoGP 2022 live stream. If you have found this guide helpful then share it with your friends.