Unbelievable wicket by Archer at ICC WC 2019

What could have been a perfect start for Bangladesh in their fixture against England at the ICC World Cup 2019 turned quickly into a concern. Jofra Archer took an early wicket followed by a maiden first over.

Jofra Archer delivers a stunning delivery as he bowled Soumya. The fast bowler managed to knock over the bails with the ball flying off to the boundary behind the stumps.

This is not the first time that Archer has managed to stun his opponent and bowled them. The Englishman is well-known for his pace and is one of the leading bowlers in the squad.

At 153 kilometers per hour, the delivery just slammed its way through and hit the wickets.

Moreover, the delivery hit so hard, that it went all the way to the boundary without even a single bounce on the field. Imagine that!

Soumya made the mistake of leaving a slight space between his bat and the pad. Apparently, this was more than enough for Archer’s delivery to make it through and make the batsman regret it. The left hander would have definitely watched his replay quite a few times to see how he should have played it better.

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