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Before the abundance of fast internet connection and media streaming devices, there weren’t many streaming services available to consumers. But, now with technological advancement and speedier internet connections, we have several streaming services which provide all types of content. From TV shows to movies, you can watch anything on these streaming services. This emergence of streaming services has accelerated the decline of traditional cable TV.  But there is one thing for which people turn towards cable/satellite TV “live sports coverage”.


People still sit in front of the TV and tune into sports channels to watch live matches. However, things are changing now in this area as well, with big media giants stepping into the live streaming of sports. The popularity of streaming services like Amazon Prime and DAZN are the perfect examples for sports channels that haven’t launched their streaming services. These services aren’t cheap which is why many people don’t want to such an amount on monthly basis.

For such people, there is the only option they can turn to; “free streaming services”. These services are easily available on the internet and you can switch to these sites to watch live sports coverage. There is one such site about which I am going to tell you about today is “USAGoals”.

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Batmanstream [su_label type=”success”]Online[/su_label]
Willow TV [su_label type=”success”]Online[/su_label]
Sportsbay [su_label type=”success”]Online[/su_label]
DAZN [su_label type=”success”]Online[/su_label]


What is USAGoals

It is a free streaming portal for people who wants to see the live coverage for their favorite sports. On this portal, you can watch basketball, football, tennis, and much more without paying a single penny. Yes, you’re going to deal with some ads but I think it’s fine as long as you’re getting a live stream for free. There is no registration requirement or anything. Just visit their official website and start watching the live sports coverage.

Why USAGoals?

As I have mentioned earlier, there are many free streaming websites available on the internet. So, the question is why should you guys stream on USAGoals? The answer is simple. USA Goals provides extensive coverage of all the sports and allows you to access it in an easy way. You just need to click on the desired sport you want to see and you will be directed to the live stream of it. The streaming quality is good and you don’t have to wait for the stream to load. So, USAGoal is one of the best sports portals for anyone who is looking to watch the live stream for free.

Suggestions for the USAGoals Developers

When I visited the website, I found it quite basic. The interface isn’t great and it’s all too basic. However, you cannot expect a lot from free streaming websites. The major thing is the free streaming which they are providing. However, I will still suggest the portal developers work on the website interface to make it more pleasing for the visitors.


If you want to watch any sports live coverage then USAgoals is the best option for you. It doesn’t matter, whether you are living in the USA or the UK, you will be able to stream all the matches live on your preferred device.

Pros Cons
Extensive coverage of live sports Advertisements
Good streaming quality Basic website interface