Was this a Lord of the Rings reference in the fourth episode of Scott Pilgrim?

Just before the “United States of What” skating sequence, Lucas Lee enters his room on a skateboard. In a prominent place is a board broken in half and placed in a similar position to the broken sword Narsil in Rivendell during the events of “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”. The way the pieces are arranged is similar. So why is this written down? Well, for Narsil it was the sword that Isildur grabbed after his father’s fall to cut off Sauron’s One Ring along with his finger. The sword broke and, due to its importance, was displayed in pieces. This was the moment when history changed.

/Film contacted Ben David Grabiński and asked him about this similarity. He didn’t tell us this directly, but he said this:

“I will say that there are almost a thousand stupid, weird references in the show, and it’s really nice that people notice any of them or engage with them in that way. The shot of his broken board references three things at once – one of which may be the deepest and silliest cut of the entire season.

So what are these three references?


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