Austin FC

Austin FC is a professional soccer club that competes in Major league soccer. Austin FC is the 27th club that has joined the MLS. They started playing this year and this is their first season. Austin FC is a member of the western conference table. The first season would put a lot of pressure on this club but they are a strong team and can reach the playoffs in the first year itself.

The club was formed in 2018 and within three years it started competing in the MLS. They are having great growth in their fanbase. For all the fans of this new club, find out about the squad, upcoming fixtures, and much more. Also, find out the live streams and the official broadcasters of MLS.

Upcoming fixtures

Austin FC has played 9 matches till now in the MLS. Here are the remaining fixtures of the MLS. The time is standard UK time.




24 June 2021

Austin FC vs Minnesota (Away)


28 June 2021

Austin FC vs Columbus (Home)


2 July 2021

Austin FC vs Portland (Home)


8 July 2021

Austin FC vs LAFC (Home)


23 July 2021

Austin FC vs Seattle Sounders (Home)


29 July 2021

Austin FC vs Vancouver (Away)


1 August 2021

Austin FC vs Colorado (Home)


5 August 2021

Austin FC vs Houston (Home)


8 August 2021

Austin FC vs Dallas (Away)


15 August 2021

Austin FC vs Salt Lake (Away)


19 August 2021

Austin FC vs Vancouver (Home)


22 August 2021

Austin FC vs Portland (Home)


30 August 2021

Austin FC vs Dallas (Home)


12 September 2021

Austin FC vs Houston (Away)


16 September 2021

Austin FC vs LAFC (Home)


19 September 2021

Austin FC vs San Jose (Home)


26 September 2021

Austin FC vs LA Galaxy (Home)


30 September 2021

Austin FC vs Colorado (Away)


2 October 2021

Austin FC vs Salt Lake (Home)


17 October 2021

Austin FC vs Minnesota (Home)


21 October 2021

Austin FC vs San Jose (Away)


24 October 2021

Austin FC vs Houston (Home)


31 October 2021

Austin FC vs Dallas (Away)


4 November 2021

Austin FC vs Sporting KC (Home)


8 November 2021

Austin FC vs Portland (Away)


Now you know the timeline of the fixtures. Let’s get to the live stream and TV channels so that you don’t miss any of the matches.

Where can I live stream Austin FC games?

You can live stream the games of the Austin FC on FuboTV. They also allow free streaming. Other channels where you can see the games are Hulu, Sling, and Direct TV.

Major League Soccer Reddit soccer teams

There is a platform where you can be up to date with the latest news of your favorite team, live scores, highlights, and much more. Reddit soccer streams are one of the most popular destinations to access your favorite team’s matches. Alongside free streaming, they have information, matches, and score of other leagues too.

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MLS app

Major League Soccer has its official app. You can see the highlights of the matches you have missed. The app also gives the stats of each team as well as each player playing in the MLS. You can also find out the best goal of the week and a lot of other things. The app is free of charge and all MLS fans should have this application to be up to date with everything about MLS.

The app also provides real-time match updates. You would have heard about fantasy premier which is a game for all Premier League fans. Similarly, this app also has a fantasy league gameplay for all the MLS fans. The user can form their team by choosing players from different clubs. It is similar to FPL. 

You can find the application on the google play store for android users as well as in the apple store for ios users

The app isn’t available in all countries of the world. Wherever the app is available, people should download it.

Other applications are available everywhere in the world. Here are some of the application

Fotmob – It’s an application that has the live scores, fixtures, league table, match statistics, player statistics, and much more for any team you want, They have the leagues according to country. They have more than 200 football leagues in their database. You can also select your favorite players, leagues as well as teams. For example, if you select Messi as your favorite you will get to know whether he is in the lineup or as a substitute if he scores a goal if he grabs an assist. Also if he is given a card during the match you will get a notification on your device. It’s a user-friendly application for all football lovers. You will also get the latest news about your favorite teams. – They have two applications named Goal Live scored and Both give you live scores, team news, and much more just like also provides team formation, top players, Head-to-head data of two teams, and much more to its users.

Recent form

Austin FC is currently in the 9th position in the Western conference table. They have played 9 matches but sadly only won 2 of them. The total points are 9 from 9 games. Austin FC has a goal difference of -3. As they are a new team, Austin had only one game in their home. They had 8 away games since the start. 

Currently, Austin FC has an unbeaten streak of three games They drew their last three matches but they will be looking for a win in their next match against Minnesota. 

Key players

Austin FC had the most players coming to the club this season, The most number of transfers were from New York City FC. From the goalkeeper to the forwards, they formed a new team. A maximum number of players are from the MLS teams only. Brad Stuver, Aedan Stanley, and Alexander Ring are some of the players from NYCFC.

The key players for this new club would be Dominguez, STroud, Diego, and Jon. These players are the supporters in the forward line of the team. Dominguez has 3 goals whereas Diego has 2 goals. Stroud is having 2 assists till now in the season. Other Players which are important for this would be Besler, Stuver, Lima, and Cascante are the players who manage the defense. These players would be the reason why Austin Conceded 1 goal in 3 matches.

Where can I watch the highlights of Austin FC?

You can watch the highlights of Austin FC on youtube, Another website would be the official MLS website. 

The highlights as well as the live scores can be caught u in the Major League Soccer app.

The fox sports website is one of the websites where you can find scores, live streams, and much more. They also have the highlights of your favorite club.