Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs have not been able to replicate their last season’s performance. They are stranded at the lower half of the table and it will be very difficult for them to qualify for the postseason this time around. The 2016 MLB champions have looked totally out of form this season. They do not seem to be the same team as they were during the championship year. The Cubs management has a difficult task on their hand and they will be hoping that their team will show a better performance in the coming season. Here in this article, we will share the Chicago Cubs live stream sources that you can use to watch their game live online from anywhere in the world.

The Cubs are not only performing badly but they have also faced a major setback in the form of the loss of their star batter Javier Baez. The Short stopper made his way to the New York Mets this midseason after spending 8 years at the Cubs. Baez was the leading run-scorer for the Cubs in the last season and his loss has surely dented the Cubs psychologically. It will be interesting to see how the Cubs will come out of this situation and whether they have the strength to uplift themselves from their current state of despair. The little bears have a ton of work to do as the next season is approaching closer and closer.

How to watch the Chicago Cubs live stream online?

What is better than the MLB itself streaming the Cubs and other MLB games live online. You can catch all the action on MLB.TV. Its subscription facilitates you to watch the live game both on tv as well as on your mobile phone. For android and iOS users, you can download the MLB official app from the play or I store. But one of the problems with it is that its local blackout restriction policy will not allow the home team fans to watch the live coverage. The MLB has designed this app, especially for out-market games. 

For the home team fans in Chicago, Illinois, the best application that you can use is AT&T TV. AT&T TV allows its users to watch the live streaming of their favorite team from anywhere in the country. So, now you can catch all the live action of the Cubs games on your mobile phone using AT&T TV.

How to watch the Chicago Cubs live stream for free?

In this section, we will mention some of the applications or online sources that stream the Chicago Cubs matches for free or at considerably low prices.

Sling Tv allows its newbie users to enjoy the free streaming for starting three days. It offers a free 3-day trial before acquiring the respective subscription. So, now you can log in to their site and enjoy the unlimited live action of the Cubs matches on your mobile and tablet.

There is another site offering a similar sort of opportunity for its rookie users. Hulu + Live TV comes with a better starting package offering a 7-day free trial. But when we compare the monthly package after the free trial, Sling TV comes at a lesser price than the latter. So, we will recommend the use of Sling TV as it will not burden your purse much. The streaming quality of both the mentioned applications is almost the same.

You can use some unsanctioned sites to stream the Cubs matches for free. The notable ones include the Reddit site. Besides it, you can use sports surge and streamgate as well. The links to the mentioned sites are given in the live stream section. But one of the frustrating features of their use is that the streaming is frequently interrupted by the ads. Moreover, the streaming quality is not up to standards.

For Sling Tv and other sources mentioned, you can use the following links.

How to watch the Chicago Cubs in the USA?

Most of the matches of the Cubs are being played in the USA. So, if you are not able to get into the stadium, you can still enjoy the match on your Tv as well as mobile. There are numerous Tv channels that broadcast the Cubs matches in the USA. The regional channel streaming the Bears matches in and around Chicago, Illinois is Marquee Sports Network. While the fans located in other states can use one of the following National channels. ESPN, Fox, FS1, MLB Network, and TBS.

For live streaming on mobile and tablets, you can use the MLB app. It is designed to assist both Android as well as iOS users. The other live streaming apps include YouTube TV, ESPN Plus, and FuboTV. These are available all around the country. You can select any one of these and enjoy the thrilling action at your home or in your office.

Youtube has also signed a contract with the MLB. Youtube has been premiering one game per week for the last three years. And you might be lucky if Youtube streams your favorite team game live. 

How to watch the Chicago Cubs live stream in the UK?

BT Sport has bragged the right to telecast all the matches of the MLB and the Cubs in the UK. You can simply tune to their BT Sport ESPN channel and watch the live game of your favorite MLB team. To assist their online users, they have launched their application. You can get their monthly subscription of 25 pounds and watch the live stream on your mobile phone and tablet. 

You can also use ESPN Player to watch the Cubs games live on your mobile phone and laptop. It is available all around Europe and Britain.  

How to watch the Chicago Cubs in Canada?

Canada is the third-largest baseball-playing nation in the world following the United States and the Dominican Republic. The youth and middle-aged people equally like and follow this game. You can watch the live telecast of your favorite team on Sportsnet, TVA Sports, TSN, and RDS if you are living in Canada. The mentioned Channels also have their respective online applications that you can use to watch the live game on your mobile and tablet.

Where can I watch the highlights of the Chicago Cubs?

One of the readily accessible sources that you can use for this purpose is Youtube. Now you can simply pick your phone and watch the highlights of your favorite team on the verified channel of the MLB on youtube. The Highlights are of top quality and you can get a general overview of the game without wasting your time.

You can also watch the full match highlights on the MLB app. So, now you can catch the ball by ball action even if you have missed the live coverage.