Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox is currently sitting at the top of the American League Central division. The Southsiders have led the division for the most part of the season. And they have to be extra cautious as other teams are slowly approaching them. The Sox started the season slowly but gradually gained momentum and have reached their current position. So, it is all up to them whether they maintain this streak or spill the chance to qualify directly for the playoffs. If you are a Sox fan, you should go through this article once as we will be sharing all the possible Chicago White Sox live stream sources that you can use to watch their game.

Chicago White Sox last made it into the finals directly in 2009. Since then, they had a very dry patch where they were unable to make it into the final stage even once. It was last year when they finished third in the Division and earned a Wild card entry into the postseason. But lost to the Oakland Athletics. The Southsiders have a very good chance to redeem themselves this season as they have the ability and talent to make it all the way to the finals. Their star baseman, Jose Abreu is again the center of the attention for the White Sox. He earned the MVP award last season and is carrying that form to this season. The Veteran, Abreu has already hit 21 Homer runs to go with 75 RBI’s this season. If the Black and White’s are to make a statement this year, they will need Abreu firing at all cylinders. As far as the pitching department is concerned, it is well taken care of by the starting pitcher, Lucas Giolito. Giolito has started 21 games for the Sox this season. 

How to watch the Chicago White Sox live stream online?

You can catch all the live-action of the Chicago White Sox on MLB.TV. The MLB has provided its users with the opportunity to watch live games either on tv or on their mobile phones. You just have to procure their monthly MLB.TV subscription. But one of the biggest disadvantages of this package is that you will not be able to watch the live game if you are based in Chicago, Illinois. That is you have to wait for 90 minutes after the completion of the game to watch the Sox match. And that is quite frustrating considering it will waste your precious time.

So, the best alternative to serve the same purpose is AT&T TV. AT&T TV is designed specifically for home team fans. So, now you don’t have to worry whether you are based in Chicago or somewhere else, you can watch all the games live on their due time. Its subscription is a bit more costly than MLB.Tv but serves your interest better.

The MLB subscription is highly favorable for those fans who follow the MLB as a general not sticking to a specific team. It provides you the privilege to stream the White Sox matches both on TV as well as on your mobile devices, and that too in the same subscription.

Where can I watch the Chicago White Sox live stream for free?

There are numerous applications and service providers that offer their new customers a free trial package. But of course not a free one. Sling TV is one of the over-the-top streaming options that presents its newbies with a 3-day free trial. After that, you can acquire their monthly subscription at a quite moderate price. Sling Tv covers most of the channels streaming the White Sox games including TBS, Fox Sports, FS1, ESPN, and MLB Network. 

Another source that you can use for the same purpose is Hulu + Live TV. Hulu + Live TV provides a better starting package than Sling Tv as it offers you a 7-day free trial rather than just 3 days. But its monthly subscription is slightly costlier than the former. The coverage of both the over-the-top streaming sources is almost the same. So, if you do not want to spend too much on these passes, you can choose Sling TV as it will not burden your purse much.

But if you feel that both of the mentioned sources are out of your reach, you can use a third-party hosting site Reddit. One of the notable ones includes But the major drawback with these sites is that they are linked with scams and trackers. And are littered with advertisements. They can also carry some unwanted malware to your device resulting in malfunctioning. they bring more harm than benefit. So, we do not really encourage their use.  

How to watch the Chicago White Sox in the USA?

The MLB is one of the largest sports leagues being played in the USA. So, there are numerous Tv as well as online sources which cover almost all the matches of the White Sox. The popular local channel that streams the White Sox match in Chicago, Illinois is NBC Sports Chicago. If you are located outside Chicago, you can use any of ESPN, Fox Sports, FS1, MLB Network, and TBS. 

You can also use some of the available online streaming sites for the same purpose. The reliable ones include YouTube TV, ESPN Plus, FuboTV, and MLB apps. Following are the links to some of the sites that will carry you to your destination. You can choose any one of these which suits you the best.  

Where can I watch the Chicago White Sox in the UK?

There is a gradual change in the trend among Britain’s youth. They are now more involved in sports than any other field. The MLB is one of the recreations that is gaining immense popularity among UK locals. So, in light of this, BT Sport has bragged the right to telecasts all the matches of the White Sox and the MLB in the UK. You can utilize their online app as well for the same purpose. Now, you do not have to be compelled to sit in the pub or your home to watch the game. Now You can enjoy the unlimited fun of the MLB while driving your car or during your daily chores.

Besides it, you can also use ESPN player which is available around the Globe except for a few third-world countries. 

How to watch the Chicago White Sox in Canada?

Canada is one of the countries other than the USA, that has direct participation in the MLB. If you live in Canada and are a die-hard fan of the Chicago White Sox, you do not have to worry as there are several channels broadcasting live games around the country. These include Sportsnet, TVA Sports, TSN, and RDS. They have also facilitated their viewers with online coverage. So, now you can watch the game live on the respective application as well. 

Where can I watch the highlights of the Chicago White Sox?

You can now watch all the highlights of your favorite team on Youtube. The MLB has launched its official channel and uploads all the game night highlights regularly. The highlights are of high quality and give you an overview of the game without wasting much of your time. 

You can also watch the full match highlights on the MLB app if you acquired their subscription.