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Cleveland Cavaliers have not been able to adjust to life since losing LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers. The 2016 champions have failed to qualify for the playoffs in their last three seasons. The worrying sign for their fans is that their win ratio is the worst in the whole of the NBA league and it seems like things will not change until some overhaul changes in the squad do not happen. But still, the Cavs do have a large fan following around the world and to assist all those fans, we will share all the possible Cleveland Cavaliers live NBA streaming sources here, so bear with us for a few moments.

Cleveland Cavaliers started the season brilliantly, winning the first three matches of the regular season. And these wins included a win against the current Eastern Conference table toppers, the Philadelphia 76ers. It seemed that the Cavs will be looking for something big this season, venting their frustrations of the previous two seasons. But the things quickly took a turn. After the first twenty games of the season, the Cavs were pretty much in the race for the playoffs. But a thumping loss against the Clippers shattered their confidence and they were never able to retrieve themselves from that. The Cavs went on without winning in their next ten matches and that pretty much summed up their season.   

The Cavs had miserable stats regarding the offense this season. They had the worst scoring record of all the teams in the league, finishing at the bottom of the table. The Cavs averaged 103.8 points per game. They lacked the flare while moving forward the play. If the Cavs are to turn their fate in the coming season, they have to make drastic changes.

Key Players

Cleveland Cavaliers -live NBA streaming

Since the exit of LeBron James, the Cavs have not been able to secure any marquee signing in the league. But they drafted Collin Sexton in 2018 and were hoping that the rookie will be able to fill the void left by the three-time champions, LeBron James. Collin Sexton had a wonderful rookie season with the Cavs but the overall team performance let him and the team down. The 22 years old Alabama native has been the only positive sign for the Cavs this season. Sexton averages 24.3 points per game this season. And the Cavs have only him to show when it comes to the offensive play. But it seems like that Sexton’s time with Cavs will be soon over and he is already looking for a new team.

Andre Drummond, Center, played 25 games for the Cavs this season before he was traded off to the defending champions Los Angeles Lakers. And that too when the Cavs needed someone like Drummond who can play a big role in the team’s defense and also able to score clutch points when needed. It was a big mistake on the part of the Cavs management and it showed in the latter half of the season. If the Cavs are to regain their lost dignity, they have to stop making these types of blunders in the future.

One player that can be the future of the Cavs is Darius Garland. The 21 years old Point Guard had an average season but showed glimpses of what he can deliver for the Cavs. Garland played 54 games in the whole season, scoring 17.4 points per game. The point guard is definitely one for the future.

How to watch the live streaming of the Cleveland Cavaliers -Live NBA streaming

The Cleveland Cavaliers has been one of the oldest franchises in the league. It all started in 1970 with the Cavs unable to secure a playoff spot in their first season. But soon they started to make their mark in the league and within five years, the franchise was able to reach its first playoffs but lost the Conference finals to the Boston Celtics. The Cavs have always been the fan favorites. And they observed a huge response after their first triumph back in 2016 when Lebron James and Kyrie Irving led them to their first championship in all these years. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers fans are found all around the globe. So to assist them, we will be going to mention some of the live streaming online applications that they can use to watch the Cavs game live.

  • CBS Sports App
  • MyTeams app of NBC sports 

These applications are available worldwide and you can get subscriptions to these by going to the respective sites.  

Where can I watch the live streaming of the Cavs for free -Live NBA streaming

There were numerous Reddit sites that used to stream the live matches of the NBA and the Cleveland Cavaliers for free. But due to the copyright issues, those sites were banned in 2019, leaving most of the NBA fans disappointed. Most of the fans could not afford the available passes mentioned above. So to assist them, many sites were formed but only a few of them actually streamed the matches live. One of these sites includes sports surge and nbabite. 

Here we will mention the link to these sites and you can watch the live NBA streaming of all the matches of the Cleveland Cavs here.

  • sportsurge
  • r/adamsilverfanpage
  • R/nbastreams

Main Rivals of the Cleveland Cavaliers

Detroit Pistons

The true Cavs will know how fierce rivals the Detroit Pistons were back in 2006 and beyond. The rivalry had a huge part in the development of LeBron James. It all started in 2006 when the Pistons clinched the spot in the Conference finals beating the Cavs in the second-round series. The series went to the wire, with the Pistons coming on top in the seventh game. This loss had an emotional impact on LeBron and the co. And they were determined to avenge this loss.

The Cavs did not have to wait much for this as they again met the Pistons but this time in the Conference Finals in 2007. The Cavs defeated the Pistons by 4-2, returning the favors. Though the Cavs did not meet the bad boys of the Pistons before, that short spark was a treat to watch in those years.

Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls

The history of the Cavs with the Bulls started all back in 1990 when it was impossible to beat the Jordan’s impeccable Bulls. The two teams met in the playoffs for the first time in the 1988 playoffs where the Bulls overcame the former by 3-2 in a five-match series. The Cavs again met the Bulls in the following year with the result being the same. 

And the things did not change after that as well. Jordan’s Bulls was relentless thrashing the Cavs in the 1992 conference finals and the next year, they swept the Cavs by 4-0. The Cavs were unable to go past the Jordan’s Bulls. The Cavs were at their peak in the early ‘90s but the only obstacle in their way was the Bulls. And their fans will surely not remember the scuffle with the Bulls as a good memory. As they lost most of the chances of winning the championship to the latter. 

Boston Celtics

Another notable rivalry has to be with the 17 times champions Boston Celtics. This may be considered a one-sided affair as very few Celtics fans would recall this as a fierce rivalry but for the Cavs fans the series against the Celtics had always mattered.

The Cavs defeated the Celtics in the 1992 conference semifinal, forcing the Celtics legend, Larry Bird to retire. Bird left the scene with a big heart and it was an emotional win for the Cavs. Many fans considered that period as the peak of the Cavs basketball. 

The Cavs met the Celtics later in 2008 and 2010, losing both times. And especially the 2010 loss was quite gruesome as it forced the Cavs star-man LeBron James out of the team. 

How to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers in the USA -Live NBA streaming

The Cleveland Cavaliers observed a great increase in their following after the 2016 triumph. Even the neutrals were supporting the Cavs for the ultimate glory, considering the Golden State Warriors have been winning the championships for the consecutive previous two years. Several regional, as well as national Tv channels, telecast the matches of the NBA and Cleveland Cavaliers. Besides these, there are various online applications available as well. For that, you do not have to sit and watch the TV. you can keep an eye on the Cavs matches while doing your daily routine work.

Here are some of the notable applications that you can use for this purpose.

Where can I watch the Cleveland Cavaliers in the UK -Live NBA streaming

Where can I watch the Cleveland Cavaliers in the UK -Live NBA streaming

Sky Sports is the leading sports channel in the UK. Sky network almost covers all the live telecasts of various sports on its channels. But they did not have the right to air the NBA until 2018 where they signed a four-year deal with the NBA to cover this sport as well in its domain. And ever since, Sky has been the hallmark when it comes to the coverage of the NBA. you can watch all the games of the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Arena channels. But if you are not very fond of watching the Tv or did not have the time, still you can watch the game live online on the Sky Sports application, SkyGo.  

In recent times, there has been a blackout of Sky services in some far regions. Sky network has been working to improve its coverage there. While they are improving, you can use NOW TV to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers game if you reside in these areas.

How to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers in Canada -live NBA streaming

The Canadian community takes a keen interest in the proceedings of the NBA, particularly their youth is enthusiastic about the league. And the result of it is that Canada has the highest international representative of all the countries in the world in the NBA. 

Looking at the growing interest of the Canadian public, the NBA has launched its own channel, NBA TV Canada. The channel not only covers the Live NBA matches but also telecasts the classic matches, keeping the youth engage in basketball.  

 RDS and TSN are other notable tv channels that exclusively telecast the Cleveland Cavaliers games in Canada. You can hook on to them anytime to watch the live game.

Where can I watch the highlights of the Cleveland Cavaliers?

You can watch the full match highlights of the Cleveland Cavaliers game on the official youtube channel of the NBA if you happen to miss the game. But you can also watch the highlights of the important actions of the game on the following channels as well.

  • MLG Highlights
  • Hooper Highlights

If you have got a subscription to the NBA TV PASS, you can watch the highlights of Cavs there as well. ESPN and Fox Sports also upload the highlights of most of the NBA games regularly on their website as well.