Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers started the season very brightly but they lost their way as the season progressed. The Pacers had a three-win streak and were pretty much on the top half of the table in the Eastern Conference up to mid-January. But after that, their inconsistent performance at home as well as away has led them to not qualify directly for the playoffs. But the Pacers have still made their way into the play-in tournament. You should go through this article as I will mention here all the live NBA streaming sites that you can use to watch the Pacers play-in tournament.

Indiana Pacers have clinched their spot in the play-in tournament, giving them another chance to qualify for the main rounds. The Pacers have not been able to stamp their authority this season. Emotions are running high in the Pacers dugout and it clearly showed on the court as well when the Pacers center Goga Bitadze had a heated exchange with the assistant coach Greg Foster. The Indiana Pacers suspended both for one game. 

And injury scares in the Pacers locker room are not helping their cause as well. The Pacers are through to the play-in tournament. But they will probably be up against the fresher Wizards’ side. The Washington Wizards are currently at the 10th position and it seems like they will be the one facing the Pacers in the play-in tournament.

The Pacers have averaged 115.7 points/game this season. Their offensive play has been good all season but the problems they are facing are in the defense. The Pacers are not been able to contain the oppositions when it matters most. Their recent loss against the Wizards by a close margin clearly pointed out that missing.

Key players

The 28 years old veteran, Malcolm Brogdon has been in fine form this while season, averaging 21.2 points/game. It’s not very great but still considering the position of the Pacers in the table, it is still good. Brogdon also faced some injury issues, resulting in him not being able to play the whole regular season. He has only played 26 games of the regular season, and if the Pacers are to make it to the playoffs, Malcolm Brogdon’s fitness will be absolutely critical. 

Malcolm Brogdon

Caris LeVert, the 22-year-old shooting guard has complemented Malcolm Brogdan well whenever he played. But again with LeVert, the injuries have kept him sidelined for quite a period of time in the ongoing season.  

When it comes to the defense, T.J. McConnell and Justin Holiday are the most prominent ones. T.J.McConell has averaged 1.8 steals per game up till now while Holiday has managed 0.8 blocks per game. The Pacers’ season is truly on the line and their fans will be hoping that Malcolm Brogdan and the co. will come up big time in the play-in tournament securing their place in the main rounds. 

Indiana Pacers Vs Milwaukee Bucks -live NBA streaming

Indiana Pacers will take on Milwaukee Bucks in the final game of the regular season on May 13th, 2021 at 07:00 PM ET time at Bankers Life Fieldhouse Stadium, Indianapolis city, USA. Milwaukee Bucks have already qualified for the playoffs while the Pacers are still in the race for the playoffs as they will be playing the play-in tournament to secure their place in the main rounds.

The Pacers coach Nate Bjorkgren has been under fire and has received a lot of criticism lately, from the Pacers fans as well the basketball experts. His offensive strategy while leaving the defense open has led to the demise of the Pacers. His future with the Pacers is uncertain and if he fails to carry the Pacers through to the playoffs,  I am afraid it will be curtains for him. The Pacers’ decision of sacking veteran Nate McMillan earlier this season has certainly backfired as McMillan has confirmed the Atlanta Hawks’ place in the playoffs.

Bjorgkren has found himself in a tough position as the play-in tournament is just around the corner and his main men are still struggling with the injury scars. It will be very interesting to see what Bjorgkren takes strategy to now.

To watch this game and the play-in tournament games of the Pacers, you can use the following applications.

  • NBA official App
  • CBS Sports App
  • NBC Sports Washington’s live steam page
  • MyTeams app.

Main Rivals of the Indiana Pacers

The biggest rivalry of the Indiana Pacers to date has to be with the New York Knicks. One of the famous rival actions between the two was when the Larry Johnson of the New York Knicks scored a three-point in the dying moment of the match in the 1999 playoffs while being fouled by the Antonio Davis of the Pacers. The New York man then scored the potential free throw winning the game narrowly by 1 point. The score on the night was 92-91.

Indiana Pacers also have a fair bit of rivalry against the Cleveland Cavaliers recently as well. But the miserable display of the Cavaliers in the past two seasons has tarnished the beauty of the rivalry somewhat. The pacers have completely dominated the Cavaliers in recent times. The Cleveland Cavaliers have failed to qualify for the playoffs this season. If they are to continue their rivalry with the Pacers, they have to make overall changes to their squad.

There is a sense of fire brewing between the Pacers and Wizards recently as well. The Pacers have not been able to topple the Capitals in their last two meetings, and it is almost confirmed that the Pacers will meet the Wizards in the Play-in tournament. It will be a huge confidence booster if the Pacers are able to beat the inform hot-running Washington Wizards.

How to watch the Indiana Pacers in the USA – live NBA streaming

The United States of America has been home to Basketball, winning the most Gold Medals in the history of the game. People of the USA die-hardly follow the game and rarely miss any game of their favorite team. So, if you are an Indiana Pacers fan and are looking to watch the game online on your tablet or mobile phone, you can use one of the following applications for this purpose.

  • Players Klub app 
  • CBS Sports App
  • MyTeams app.
  • NBA TV Pass
  • Sling TV.

How to watch the Indiana Pacers in the UK – live NBA streaming

Numerous Tv channels bid for the telecast of the NBA in Britain, But Sky Sports was able to bag the right in 2018 when they signed a deal with NBA for four years. Previously, BT sports had the Right to telecast the NBA in England and its suburbs. You can watch the live game on the Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Arena. But if you are too busy to not able to watch the game on your TV sets, you can use Sky Sports online application SkyGo as well.

NBA TV PASS functions around the globe to stream the NBA and it is also available in the UK. you can use NBA TV PASS to watch the games online but as usual, you have to buy a pass for this purpose. 

How to watch the Indiana Pacers in Canada – Live NBA streaming

If you live in Canada and are looking for the details of the TV channels and the online stream sites that cover the NBA, then you are at the right place.  The NBA TV Canada is an official channel of the NBA that telecasts the NBA in Canada. You can catch all the action of the NBA on ESPN as well. RDS is another sports channel working in Canada that telecasts the NBA in some regions. 

Free NBA streaming sites – sportsurge and nbabite

People living in developing countries can’t afford to watch the games on the passes as these are too expensive for them to buy. And secondly, very few TV channels in developing countries have got the right to telecast the NBA. To help them, we will mention here some of the most invaluable online streaming sites that will lead them to the matches. Sports surge and nbabite are the most frequently used sites. The links to the site are given below.

Where can I watch the highlights of the Indiana Pacers?

You can watch the full match highlights on the youtube channel of the NBA. but if you don’t have the time, you can watch the highlights of crucial cations of the game on the following channels as well.

  • MLG Highlights
  • Hooper Highlights.  

Fox Sports also uploads the highlights on its website. You can use NBA TV PASS to watch the highlights if you have this pass.