Los Angeles Angels- Live MLB streaming

Los Angeles Angels are not having a very productive year as the chances of them qualifying for the postseason look grim. The Angels started the 2020-21 season with a bang, recording back-to-back wins over Chicago White Sox. But as the season progressed, they could not hold themselves resulting in them being pushed to the bottom of the AL West division. There are at least 60 odd games left in the regular season. So, the Halos still have the chance to redeem themselves. Here in this article, we will share Los Angeles Angels live MLB stream sources that you can use to watch the game online as well as on TV.

The biggest positive for the Los Angeles Angels this season has been their designated Hitter and pitcher, Shohei Ohtani. Ohtani nicknamed “Showtime” is currently leading the chart for the most home run this season. He has been absolutely phenomenal all this season. And is still continuing his way to the top. The 27 years old hitter is considered a genuine contender for the MVP this season. The Japanese international has stepped up big time since the injury of the Marquee player, Mike trout. Los Angeles Angels are loving Ohtani’s presence in the Halos dugout. And even if you are not a Halos fan, Ohtani and Co. guarantee you enough entertainment day and out. You should not miss the remaining matches of Angels as the Halos promised to bring more entertainment.

How to Watch the Los Angeles Angels live stream online?

There are many ways to watch the Los Angeles Angels games online but the most reliable way for this purpose is MLB.TV. It is similar to NBA and NHL passes. You can even enjoy a free trial before buying their monthly or annual subscription whichever suits you better. The MLB tv pass also has a special discount for Military personnel and students. So, you can enjoy the high-quality and uninterrupted stream of Angels’ games on this pass. 

However, the biggest worry with MLB.TV is the local black-out restriction. This prevents the fans from watching their home team game live. They have to wait for extra 90 minutes to watch the game. But they can still have the live audio, suited for old-school people. The MLB.TV is most suited for those fans who follow more than one team in the league. Thus, they can watch the out-of-market teams during this time. 

For the fans of the home team, the best application available is AT&T TV. it can solve your local blackout restriction problem. It live-streams all the matches of Los Angeles Angels in California and its suburbs.

Where can I watch the live streaming of the Los Angeles Angels for free?

The applications mentioned in the above section are mostly paid ones. So, not every person can afford these heavy passes as it drains heavy pennies from their purse. Here we will mention some of the free sources you can use to watch the Angels game for free. 

Sling TV has a free trial offer that lets you watch the Halos game for free for at least 3 days. The service does not apply any extra charges. After its free trial, you can buy their modest subscription and enjoy the unlimited action of the Angels game for a whole month. 

Besides Sling Tv, Hulu + Live TV provides you the opportunity to watch all the Angels games on a 7-day free trial. It is one of the most authentic and reliable sources without any risk of malware. After its 7 days of free trial, you can acquire its subscription that is way cheaper than MLB.TV.

Apart from these, you can use some of the sanctioned live steam sources. These sources enable you to watch the Angels games on third-party live streaming websites. But most of them are associated with the scam and may link your device to malware as well. You can find these on numerous Reddit sites. They are often of a lower quality than the official outlet.

You can try your free trial of Sling TV and Hulu TV from here.

One of the Reddit streaming sources that you can use is redditstreams.cc/mlb-reddit-live-streams. It is not a very credible source but still if one does not have a good source available, he can work with this for a time. 

How to watch the Los Angeles Angels live streaming in the USA?

As already mentioned, you can watch the Angels game live on MLB.TV. but there are numerous regional and national tv channels in the USA that broadcast the Halos games live on TV. So, you do not have to buy a particular subscription for any game. You can watch the Angels game on Bally Sports West, a regional channel broadcasting its coverage in California. The national channels include ESPN and Fox Sports 1. 

But if you do not have time to sit and watch the game live on TV, you can use the official MLB app specially designed for Android and iOS. All the MLB.TV subscribers can use this app to watch their favorite team game.

The other online sources you can use to live stream the Halos game in the United States include YouTube TV, ESPN Plus, and FuboTV. All of them are paid sources but are available at reasonable prices. For the third straight year, YouTube (free) has been streaming one game per week. If you are lucky enough, you can watch your favorite team game live on Youtube as well.

How to watch the Los Angeles Angels live streaming in the UK?

BT Sport has bragged the rights to air all the Los Angeles Angels games in the UK. Most of the Major league baseball action is broadcasted on BT Sport ESPN. Moreover, the BT sports app allows its subscribers to watch every game on the computer, desktop, or mobile phone. You can get its monthly subscription at the price of 25 pounds. 

Apart from BT Sports, you can use ESPN player to watch the live streaming of the Halos game in Britain and its close perimeters.