Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder failed to qualify for the playoffs for the first time in six years. The Thunder were way below par and very rightly finished out of the top ten spots in the Western Conference. If they are to make their mark in the upcoming season, they need to have a good offseason draft this summer. Here in this article, I will share all the details of the Oklahoma City Thunder live Reddit streaming, their key players, season history, and more. So stick with us for a few moments.

The Thunder had the worst season in the history of the franchise, finishing just above one from the bottom of the table. With the win percentage of .306, the Thunder has a lot to ponder before the start of the next season. The Oklahoma City team started this season brightly with a win against the Charlotte Hornets and the Houston Rockets. But as the season progressed, they started to lose the pot and were thrashed big time. One problem that the Thunder and their management faced during the season was their inability to quickly return from the bad phase. Once that bad patch started, the Thunder seemed to be clueless, with their biggest losing streak reaching up to almost 14 losses and no win in that time.

The Thunder finished the season averaging 105.0 points per game, which is the third-worst record in the league. Besides these, the Thunder were not very sound in the defense as well. And all these culminated in the current state of the Western team. Now the franchise rebuild is in its full swing, it will be interesting how the Thunder will shape up before the start of the next season.

Key Players

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the point guard, was the best Thunder player offensively. He averaged 23.4 points per game in his 35 starts in the regular season, before a season-ending injury resulted in him being sidelined for the remaining season. The 22 years old guard was pivotal in the success of the Thunder. The Thunder Head Coach, Mark Daigneault was critical of the performance of the Kentucky College graduate and is hopeful that he will continue to improve in the upcoming seasons as well, playing a big role in the progress of the Thunder.

Luguentz Dort, Small Forward, also showed glimpses on and around, of what he can bring in the future for the Thunder team and the management. The 22 years old Forward played 52 games in the regular season, averaging just 14.0 points per game along with 3.2 rebounds also to his name. This is not a pretty record considering he is the second-best scorer in the Thunder team behind Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. The Thunder management will be hoping that the Forward will put up good work in the coming season.

The Veteran Al Hoford was also good in the previous season. But considering the Thunder’s position at the table and their motive of bringing youth and developing team from them, it appears that his time with the Thunder will soon be going to end. The Dominican International has been playing the NBA since 2007 and one trying that might keep him the Thunder is his experience at the big stage. Sam Presti, general manager of the Oklahoma City Thunder, has not given some light to the future of the 35 years old with the Thunder. But his situation may get clear in the coming weeks as we approach the offseason lottery draft.

Transfer Rumors

The Thunder did not have the best season but their current position might work in favor of them. The Thunder will have the fourth-best odds of landing the No.1 overall pick in the upcoming lottery draft that will happen in July of this summer. There are some talented blokes available in the market. The Thunder General manager Sam Presti said while talking to the media, “we are looking for new talents to build a resolute team for the future. Things may appear to be tough on the surface but with these long term investments, we are hopeful that we will have a good roster that can compete for the title in 3-4 years”

Cade Cunningham

One of the biggest prospects coming through the line is Guard Cade Cunningham. The 19 years old had a wonderful one and half-season at the collegiate level. The young rookie averaged 20.1 points, 6.2 rebounds, 3.5 assists, and 1.6 steals per game. Cunningham will be an ideal choice for the Thunder considering the OKC Thunder is looking to replace starting lineup Guard Theo Maledon. And with them having the fourth-best odds of nabbing the No.1 overall pick in the draft, it will be a huge offseason triumph if the OKC Thunder can land Cade Cunningham in their roster.

The OKC Thunder traded the former first-round pick, Tony Bradley, from the Philadelphia 76ers last winter. Bradley was regarded high by the OKC Thunder general manager Presti and Bradley did not disappoint whenever he got the chance to show his skills on the court. Bradley used to came off the bench in the previous season, scoring 8.7 points per game. If he continues to work hard on his shooting, he can surely be a great asset for the Thunder in the future.

How to Watch the Oklahoma City Thunder online -live Reddit streaming

The Oklahoma City Thunder have reached the playoffs 11 times in their short 13 years history in the NBA. The 2020-21 season was their worst and they will be looking to perform better in the coming seasons.  From the start of their origin, the OKC franchise had some superstars in the roster with the likes of James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook all starting their career with the Thunder. And as the next draft is close to happening, the Thunder have a good chance of landing the emerging star Cade Cunningham. So, if you are a Thunder fan, you should be excited about the upcoming season. You can catch all the live-action of the Oklahoma City Thunder matches on the following applications.

  • CBS Sports App
  • MyTeams app of NBC sports 

These applications are available globally. You can enjoy the high-quality stream of the OKC Thunder games here regularly.

Where can I watch the live streaming of the OKC Thunder for free -Live Reddit streaming

The Oklahoma City Thunder have always been the fan favorites from the start. With their flamboyant gameplay and some big names of the NBA in their roster, the Thunder have always been the center of the attention for all the fans around the world. Even the neutral fans love to watch the OKC games and consider them as their second-best team in the NBA. but not every fan can afford the heavy passes mentioned above. And secondly, in developing countries, it is a difficult procedure to get a subscription to these passes considering the high rate of dollars in those countries. So, to assist them, here we will be going to mention some of the free sources that are malware-free and also enable you to watch the OKC Thunder game without any interruption. 

  • Ripple.is/NBA
  • r/adamsilverfanpage
  • R/nbastreams
  • NBAstream.nu
  • reddit.nbabite.com

Main Rivals of the Oklahoma City Thunder

oklahoma city thunder vs warriors

Golden State Warriors

The rivalry with the Golden State Warriors started back in 2017 when the Warriors were looking for their third championship in straight four years. The former OKC star Kevin Durant was playing for the Warriors back then. He came head to head with the scoring machine Russell Westbrook. The two exchanged some heated words between them resulting in a rise in the temper. After that, whenever the two teams met each other, there was always a sense of fire in the court as well as off the court. That game had laid the foundation of another brutal rivalry in the league. 

In recent years, the Warriors have dominated the Thunder. But the OKC fans are hopeful that their team will revive themselves and regain their lost identity in the league soon.

Houston Rockets

The OKC Thunder share another bad blood with the Houston Rockets. And again the reason has been the acquisition of Thunder’s best player James Harden, back in 2012. Harden did not sign a new deal with the Thunder and it left all the OKC fans gasping. And secondly, Harden and the Rockets have hurt the Thunder quite a time in recent years resulting in a new wave of hate between these two western giants. In recent years, the rivalry has somewhat lost its charm on the court but the off-court tussle between the fans of the two teams still happens, showing that they still have the grimace for each other. 

Portland Trail Blazers

The OKC thunder team never receives a warm welcome whenever it visits the Moda Center, the home of the Portland Trail Blazers. And same goes the other way as well. The malice for each other is quite apparent whenever the two teams lock horns with each other. And nobody loves to lose. It all started in the early days of the OKC Thunder foundation when the likes of Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook would give the Trail Blazers the toughest time that they could have got from anyone else. The OKC were the emerging team and their scuffle with the Blazers was always a treat to watch back in 2010. And it still goes with the same passion.

How to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder in the USA -Live Reddit Streaming

The OKC Thunder have always been able to secure marquee talents available in the draft. Some of the legends of the game have played for the Thunder, with the OKC providing a platform for the ultimate shoot needed for their careers. MVP Kevin Durant, Triple-double King Russell Westbrook, and the current legend James Harden all have started their early career at the Thunder. There are numerous tv channels that provide live coverage of the OKC Thunder games. Besides these, there are various radio channels available in the USA to assist the old school people as well. But in the modern era of technology, most people prefer to watch the game live on their mobile phones or tablets. So, here we will mention some of the notable sources that you can use to watch the live streaming of OKC thunder on your mobile phones.

Where can I watch the OKC Thunder in the UK -Live Reddit streaming

The NBA is the biggest basketball league in the world. World’s best players play here. Throughout the world, there is a large following of the NBA and OKC Thunder. Britain has also observed an increase in the following of the NBA in recent years and surprisingly the youth have made their goal to play the NBA someday. So looking at this, Sky Sports, the biggest sports network in the UK decided to telecast the NBA in the UK. you can watch the game live on the Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Arena. You can also watch the game online on the SkyGo application as well.

Besides these, the other notable sources include NOW TV and NBA TV PASS available in the UK and suburbs.

Where Can I watch the Highlights of the Oklahoma City Thunder?

There are numerous sources available for this purpose but the best of a lot has to be Youtube. Youtube is easily available in every country. You can watch the Full match highlights on the Official youtube channel of the NBA. but if you want to have a general idea of the game and the important events that happened during the OKC match, you can use one of the following channels available on Youtube.

  • MLG Highlights
  • Hooper Highlights 

When it comes to paid options, you can watch the highlights on the NBA TV PASS if you have availed of its subscription. Fox Sports also uploads the highlights regularly on their website. You can utilize any one of the above-mentioned sources.