Cade Cunningham

The Orlando Magic started this season with a bang, winning the first four games of the season. But as the season progressed, they seemed to lose their way a bit, with them unable to finish in the top 10 in the Western Conference. This was their best winning streak in the season and they were unable to replicate this feat in the coming matches. But now they have time to rethink their strategy before the start of the next season. Here in this article, we will share all the possible Orlando Magic live Reddit streaming sources that you can use to watch the game live on your mobile phone.

The Magic were coming into this season after two consecutive appearances in the playoffs. They were knocked out in the first round but considering they were going through a rebuilding phase, the result was quite satisfactory. They came into this season with a big hope of making it further through the first round but the mid-season trades and chain of injuries dented their progress, resulting in them not being able to even make it into the top 10. The Magic have a tough job in their hand. They have a mountain to climb since they have parted ways with the Veteran coach Steve Clifford.

The Magic ended their season with a third-worst record in the league, finishing just above the Houston Rockets and Detroit Pistons in winning percentage. They were also not very good in their native southeast Divison. The Magic averaged 104.0 points per game this season, which was the 2nd worst record in terms of scoring the buckets. However, the Magic were solid in their defense and were able to contain the big guns whenever they played Marquee teams.

Key players

The Orlando Magic decided to change a things bit and traded some of the big guns during the season. The management was of the idea that we needed some new blood on their roster who can lift the other members when the team is down and out. After the departure of elite players like Nikola Vucevic, Evan Fournier, and Aaron Gordon, the Magic needed someone from their roster who could give respectability to score and position in the league.

Came forward the veteran Terrence Ross who was playing his 10th season in the NBA. The Washington College graduate tried to steer the ship when he was fit but the string of knee injuries kept him sidelined most of the time during the season. The 30 year old guard was able to play only 46 games of the regular season. He averaged 15.6 points per game, with 3.4 rebounds also to his name. 

markelle fultz

After the departure of Aaron Gordan, Markelle Fultz was labeled as the face of the Magic. But the 23 years old only managed to play 8 games in the season after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee. The injury came in a win against the Cleveland Cavaliers while playing at the Amway Center. If he is fit enough to play the whole next season, he will surely be an asset considering he has the potential of the lead guard.

Wendell Carter Jr. soothed the Magic concerns after putting up the best performance of his short career. The 22 years old Center’s development has been promising at the Magic but he needs to work hard on his shooting before the commencement of the next season. He is surely one for the future.

NBA lottery draft updates

The NBA draft is just around the corner and the Magic will be looking to cash in big-time this summer. The Magic took a big risk by letting Nikola Vucevic to the Bulls but it seems like this move will pay bigger dividends as we approached the end of the previous season. The Magic will have the Chicago Bulls’ pick this season and will most probably finish in the top 4. While Orlando will have their pick as well, landing them possible two of the top 4 picks.

The Orlando Magic have their sight fixed on one of the biggest talents available in the drafts. With the likes of Jalen Suggs, Cade Cunningham, Evan Mobley, Jonathan Kuminga, Jalen Green within the reach of the Magic, the Florida team will surely be able to pick one of these. 

Their second pick will most likely be one of the following available players, Turkish star Alperen Sengun, Stanford wing Zaire Williams or Australia’s Josh Giddey. All these picks along with the Carter Jr. create a potential for rebuilding, with the focus purely on future success.

The mastermind behind all these trades and deals is the duo of John Hammond and Jeff Weltman. They have planned to take Magic to newer heights, with a core of young players along with the guidance of veteran players. The same system worked wonders for the Milwaukee Bucks as well, as the Bucks have consistently made it into the playoffs in recent years.

How to watch the live streaming of Orlando Magic?

The Magic have only been able to reach the NBA finals two times in their history. In their early days of foundation, the Magic were tipped as the future champions as they reached their first NBA finals within the first five years of the creation. They lost the Championship to the red-hot Rockets who swept the Magic in straight 4 games to win the title in 1995. After that, the Magic were not able to perform at the same level as the others. In recent years, the Florida team is struggling hard to find their feet but with them having a chance of picking the best available talent in the coming draft, the future looks bright for the Eastern team. Here in this section, we will mention some of the accessible applications that you can use to watch the Orlando Magic games live online.

  • CBS Sports App
  • MyTeams app of NBC sports 

These apps are readily available across the globe. You can get a subscription to one of these and enjoy the unlimited live-action of the Magic games.

Where can I watch the live streaming of the Orlando Magic for free?

In early 2019, the NBA started a crackdown to shut down all the Subreddit sites that used to stream the live matches of the NBA. The NBA argued that the streaming was illegal as it attracted a large audience without the organization getting much revenue. So, all these sites were permanently banned. The fans around the globe were left with no free source to watch the NBA. but in the meantime to alleviate the distress of these fans, came forward the two sites, sports surge, and nbabite. These sites regularly cover all the games of the NBA, with a feature of high-quality streaming. You can use any of these sites to watch the live streaming of the Orlando Magic for free.

The links to the above-mentioned sites are given below.

  • Sportsurge
  • r/adamsilverfanpage
  • R/nbastreams

Main rivals of the Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic vs heat

Miami Heat

The Orlando Magic rivalry with the Miami Heat started back in the 1990s. Both the teams belonged to Florida and were placed in the same division. Though the two did not face each other in the playoffs, they truly had some fierce matches in the regular season. The rivalry was named the Sunshine State rivalry as both franchises were based in the state of Florida. 

The two teams met for the first time in the playoffs in 1997, with the series going all the way to the wire. Miami Heat came out on top in a closely contested fifth game, knocking the Magic in the first round.

The rivalry lost its flare somewhat in the 2000s but with the arrival of Lebron James at the Heat, it again regained its lost status. At that time, Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy was particularly critical of the extra coverage and limelight received by the Heat and LeBron. He argued that every franchisee should receive its due share of the coverage.

The team members also exchanged some heated words before the start of a fresh season. The two teams were ready to tear apart each other and that thing really ignited the issue further. The rivalry was just not restricted to the franchises rather the fans were also involved in some gruesome exchanges. The rivalry has softened a bit in recent years but the true fans still carry this hate in their hearts till now.

Magic vs Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers

The Orlando Magic reached the NBA finals for the second time in their history only losing to the Los Angeles Lakers in the final stint. Kobe Bryant and the co. were too good for the depleted Magic as they topple the Florida team by 4-1. Though there was not any blood between the two Giants of the league, they surely did not like each other as well. The Magic fans still have this defeat as a nightmare as it was their best chance of winning the championship.

How to watch the Orlando Magic in the USA?

The USA being the fortress of the NBA has one of the best coverage in the world. Numerous regional, as well as national channels, telecast the NBA. For old-school people, there is also radio coverage of the NBA in the country. But if you are looking for some online sources to watch the Orlando Magic games, then you are definitely at the right place. Here we will mention some of the best possible sources that you can use to watch the high-quality streaming of the Magic game in the USA.

How to watch the Orlando Magic in the UK?

Sky Sports telecast the NBA in the UK and its surrounding regions. You can watch the game live on the Sky Sports Main Event or Sky sports Arena channels. Besides these, you can use their online application if you are not very advocating of watching tv. Their online application goes with the name of SkyGo. 

But in recent times, some of the users have observed a lag in the coverage of the Sky network in some regions. So, to assist those users, here we will mention some of the alternative sources that they can utilize for this purpose.


Where Can I watch the Orlando Magic in Canada?

Some of the best emerging talents of basketball are coming from Canada. The Canadian youth eagerly follows the NBA and wants to pursue basketball as a career. Therefore, looking at their interest, the NBA has launched its own channel NBA TV Canada that exclusively covers the NBA and Orlando Magic games in Canada and its suburbs. Besides it, you can also use the TSN or RDS sports network which also telecast all the matches of the Orlando Magic live in North America and its associated countries.

When it comes to online sources, you can use NBA TV PASS for this purpose as this is available worldwide at a quite reasonable price.

Where can I watch the highlights of the Orlando Magic? punctually uploads all the highlights of the Orlando Magic on their website. It is a short highlights package that gives you an overview of the matches and how things folded in a game. But you can also watch the full match highlights on the official youtube channel of the NBA. besides these, some of the notable channels that you can use to watch the highlights are the following.

  • MLG Highlights
  • Hooper Highlights

Fox Sports and ESPN network also provide insights into the game, providing short highlights of 2 to 3 minutes for this purpose.