Queens Park Rangers FC

Queen Park Rangers, also known as QPR is a soccer club which is based in England. They are currently playing in the EFL Championship which is the second-tier league of the England football league system. They were formed in 1882 and they are in the second-tier league for 7 years. QPR was also known for the famous Manchester City title-winning season. It was the final match of the season and Aguero scored in extra time to win the title for Manchester City.

QPR has won the EFL Championship twice which promoted them to the Premier League. They are also the winners of the Carabao Cup. The closest they came to winning the Premier League was in 1975/76. Find out more about the Rangers and also find out the live streams and the official broadcasters of the EFL Championship.

Upcoming fixtures

QPR has some famous friendlies against the Premier League giants. Here are the fixtures for the season. The time is standard UK time.




24 July 2021

Friendlies QPR vs Manchester United (Home)


27 July 2021

Friendlies QPR vs Cambridge (Away)


31 July 2021

Friendlies QPR vs Leicester City (Home)


7 August 2021

QPR vs Millwall (Home)


11 August 2021

Carabao Cup QPR vs Leyton Orient (Away)


14 August 2021

QPR vs Hull (Away)


18 August 2021

QPR vs Middlesbrough (Away)


21 August 2021

QPR vs Barnsley (Home)


28 August 2021

QPR vs Coventry (Home)


11 September 2021

QPR vs Reading (Away)


14 September 2021

QPR vs Bournemouth (Away)


18 September 2021

QPR vs Bristol City (Home)


25 September 2021

QPR vs West Brom (Away)


28 September 2021

QPR vs Birmingham (Home)


2 October 2021

QPR vs Preston (Home)


16 October 2021

QPR vs Fulham (Away)


19 October 2021

QPR vs Blackburn (Home)


23 October 2021

QPR vs Peterborough (Away)


30 October 2021

QPR vs Nottingham (Home)


3 November 2021

QPR vs Cardiff (Away)


6 November 2021

QPR vs Blackpool (Away)


20 November 2021

QPR vs Luton (Home)


24 November 2021

QPR vs Huddersfield (Home)


27 November 2021

QPR vs Derby (Away)


4 December 2021

QPR vs Stoke (Home)


11 December 2021

QPR vs Sheffield United (Away)


18 December 2021

QPR vs Swansea (Home)


26 December 2021

QPR vs Bournemouth (Home)


29 December 2021

QPR vs Bristol City (Away)


1 January 2022

QPR vs Birmingham (Away)


15 January 2022

QPR vs West Brom (Home)


22 January 2022

QPR vs Coventry (Away)


29 January 2022

QPR vs Reading (Home)


5 February 2022

QPR vs Millwall (Away)


9 February 2022

QPR vs Middlesbrough (Home)


12 February 2022

QPR vs Barnsley (Away)


19 February 2022

QPR vs Hull (Home)


23 February 2022

QPR vs Blackpool (Home)


26 February 2022

QPR vs Blackburn (Away)


5 March 2022

QPR vs Cardiff (Home)


12 March 2022

QPR vs Luton (Away)


15 March 2022

QPR vs Nottingham (Away)


19 March 2022

QPR vs Peterborough (Home)


2 April 2022

QPR vs Fulham (Home)


9 April 2022

QPR vs Preston (Away)


15 April 2022

QPR vs Huddersfield (Away)


18 April 2022

QPR vs Derby (Home)


23 April 2022

QPR vs Stoke (Away)


30 April 2022

QPR vs Sheffield United (Home)


7 May 2022

QPR vs Swansea (Away)


Please note that these fixtures can be changed due to league cup matches or any other circumstances.

How to watch Queen Park Rangers matches in the UK?

For the fans in the UK, there is one of the most famous broadcasters. SKY Sports is the Broadcaster of the Sky Bet Championship. You can add Sky Sports Premier League and Football channels to your existing Sky TV package for £18/mth.

How to watch Queen Park Rangers matches in the USA?

If you live in the United States, then your best option to live stream the EFL Championship games online is to use ESPN+.

The channel also lives streams other football tournaments including the Italian Serie A, Carabao Cup, World Rugby Sevens, Champions Rugby, and US sporting events like UFC, MLS, MLB, and NBA.

ESPN+ costs $5.99 a month and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

EFL Championship Reddit soccer teams

There is a platform where you can be up to date with the latest news of your favorite team, live scores, highlights, and much more. Reddit soccer streams is a free streaming website. Other than the live streaming, the website has the upcoming matches, live scores, highlights, and much more about other soccer teams and leagues in the world.   This website is one of the most popular destinations to access your favorite team’s matches.

There is one requirement for seamless streaming of the matches you want to see. Good internet is a must for the live stream. The website is used for free streaming. The streaming would likely be in HD and the only issue you can face is the lagging of the video due to slow internet speed

EFL Championship app

This English league has its application which has a lot of features. A fan of the league would have this application on their phone. The name of the application is EFL iFollow. This application is available on the google play store as well as the apple app store. The app has features like live match video streams, live audio commentary, exclusive club content, features, news, and much more.

 You can select your favorite team and also get all the actions of this league. It is a free download app from anywhere in the world. The real-time update feature is also available in this application

Here are some of the alternatives to the application.

Fotmob – This application has the live scores, fixtures, league table, match statistics, player statistics, and much more for any team you want, They have the leagues according to country. They have more than 250 football leagues in their database. You can also select your favorite players, leagues as well as teams. For example, if you select Ronaldo as your favorite you will get to know whether he is in the lineup or as a substitute if he scores a goal if he grabs an assist. Also if he is given a card during the match you will get a notification on your device. It’s a user-friendly application for all football lovers. You will also get the latest news of your favorite teams.

Goal.com – Goal Live scored and Goal.com are the two applications for football. Both give you live scores, team news, and much more just like fotmob.Goal.com also provides team formation, top players, Head-to-head data of two teams, and much more to its users.

Last season form

QPR finished in the 9th position at the end of the season. They were just 9 points away from the playoffs position. QPR and Cardiff city had the same points but the goal difference of Cardiff was more. They had 68 points and the goal difference was +2. QPR are hot favorites to get promoted this season. 

Key players

The key players for this team are Charlie Austin, Ody Alfa, Chris Willock, Sam Field, Todd Kane, and Luke Amos. Charlie Austin will be the most important player in their promotion battle. He was the main player for Southampton as well as Burnely. For QPR he has already played 110 games and in those games, he scored 54 times and assisted 12 times. He will be a vital player for the team.

Where can I watch the Highlights of Queen Park Rangers?

You can watch the highlights of Queen Park Rangers on their official youtube channel. The highlights are also available on their website as well as on the EFL Offical youtube channel

Another option would be the official EFL ifollow application. They have the highlights of all the teams in the competition. 

Fox sports website is one of the websites where you can find scores, live streams, and much more. They also have the highlights of your favorite club.