De'Aaron Fox

Sacramento Kings have not been able to break the jinx of the regular season. It’s been fifteen long seasons that they have not been able to qualify for the playoffs. And this time was no different than the others. It seems like Sacramento Kings do not have the mettle and grit of the champions to make it into the next rounds. Maybe this new decade may turn their fate. Here in this article, we will share all the possible Sacramento Kings live NBA streaming sources that you can use to watch their future pre-season and regular matches.

Sacramento Kings started the 2020-21 season on a winning note, defeating the Denver Nuggets and the Phoenix Suns in their first two matches. But they were not able to continue this good form in the coming games. They were pretty much in contention for the next round after the first half of the season, with them holding the record of 14-22 after 36 games. But their inconsistent play let them down at the crucial moments of the season. Sacramento Kings showed great grit and determination against the bigger teams but their performances against the mid-table teams were below par, resulting in them not being able to qualify for the main rounds. And very rightly as well.

The California team lost their motive as the season progressed. They slid further down the table as they approached the important phase. The Sacramento Kings finished the season with one of the worst records in the league, allowing 119.0 on average per game. Sacramento Kings had historically bad defense but they did not have any X-factor in their forward line as well. The Kings finished the season at the last position in the pacific division, unable to even make it into the play-in tournament.

Key players

De’Aaron Fox, Point Guard, had the best season of his career so far, finishing with 25.2 points per game. The Kentucky college graduate was at his best as long as he remained fit and played. The 23 years old was the first-round pick of the Sacramento Kings in the 2017 draft. The management showed great trust in the youngster and it seems like that trust has begun to bore fruits now. Fox was a key player in the success of the Kings and he will definitely be an asset while moving forward in the future. The hopes of the Kings qualifying for the playoffs truly depend on how Fox will perform in the coming season.

Another player that impressed the most during the regular season was Buddy Hield. He played the most games in the season for Sacramento Kings. The Oklahoma College graduate complemented Fox when the two played with each other. The return of Head coach Luke Walton is expected and he is hopeful that Buddy Hield will surely work his magic in the coming season.

The 27 years old, Ricahun Holmes also played his part in the victories of the Kings. Holmes was the only ray of hope for the derailing defense of the Californian team. Holmes averages 1.6 blocks per game and was the only one challenging for the pain points for the Kings. He will be the core of the Kings’ roster while moving forward in the future.   

What to Expect in this year’s draft?

The Sacramento Kings will be going in this draft with a big hope of landing a talented youngster. They will have the 9th best odds to win the No.1 pick overall at the lottery draft. They are tied with New Orleans Pelicans and Chicago Bulls for the pick in the draft.

Sacramento Kings have to be extra careful this time around as they made some horrendous decisions last time around when they were drafted in the top 10. Vlade Divac, the General Manager of the Kings at that time made an infamous decision of picking Marvin Bagley III over the future MVP Luka Doncic who has shaken the whole NBA with his stellar performances day after day. The Kings had been drafted in the top 10 nine times over the last decade but they have been unable to choose any marquee player. Under Vlade Divac, the Kings had been poor when it comes to choosing a player.

Monte McNair

But with the hiring of new general manager Monte McNair last year, it seems like they have finally found a right-brain who can pick a diamond from the rubbles. And one example of it is their No.12 pick, Tyrese Haliburton. Tyrese was drafted last year by the Kings and has been mentioned as a finalist for rookie of the year. And will probably make it into the All-rookie first-year team. 

McNair will be looking to continue his good work, building a core young team around some experienced players on the roster. He has a good relationship with the Head coach Luke Walton. Both are working hard so that the Kings can finally make it into the playoffs.

How to watch the Sacramento kings live online?

It’s been 15 years long years since the Kings appeared in the playoffs. And it seems like the jinx of not qualifying for the main rounds might stick for a few more years as well. The Sacramento Kings have one of the worst defenses in the NBA. and if they are to make it into the next round, they have to work meticulously on their defense. Moreover, they also do not have any marquee player on their roster who can change their fortunes. But one thing that is always associated with the Kings is their fans’ loyalty. Despite not being able to perform well in recent years, the Kings fans have stuck with their team through thick and thin. And they will continue to support their team in the future as well. 

Here in this section, we will share some of the online applications that you can use to watch the Sacramento Kings game live on your mobile phone or tablet.  

  • CBS Sports App
  • MyTeams app for NBC sports 

Where can I watch the live streaming of the Sacramento Kings for free?

Though the Sacramento Kings did not have very good seasons recently, they have been able to entertain NBA fans all around the world with their attacking gameplay. They have one of the best young talents available in the league on their roster. So, if you are a Sacramento Kings fan or even a neutral fan, you have every right to be excited about the Kings in the coming years. The Kings have a big task in front of them. First, they have to topple a steep hill and qualify for the main rounds. You can catch all the live action of the KIngs for free on the following sites.

  • r/adamsilverfanpage
  • R/nbastreams

Sports surge and nbabite are some of the popular free streaming sites available around the globe. They have gained immense popularity since the banning of infamous subreddit sites. These sites are malware-free and have observed a great influx of NBA fans from all corners of the world.

Main rivals of the Sacramento Kings 

Kings Vs lakers

Los Angeles Lakers

There was a time when the Sacramento Kings were regarded as one of the best teams running the circuit year after year in the NBA. It was the early 2000s when Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers shared one of the most heated rivalries ever to be witnessed on the basketball court.

The two teams met each other for three straight years in the playoffs. It all started with the 2000 playoffs where Kobe Bryant and big Shaquille O’Neal of the Lakers met the Kings of Chris Webber. The Lakers were seeded 1st in the Western Conference while the Kings finished the season in 8th place. It was predicted as a one-sided game in the favor of the Lakers but the Kings made them sweat for the victory, taking the series to the last game. However, the lakers do come out on top winning the series by 3-2.

The Lakers again met the Kings next year but this time in the Conference semifinals. It was expected to be a close contest but the lakers proved to be too good for the Kings, sweeping them in straight 4-0. Again it was Shaq and Kobe’s show as the Kings were unable to answer their onslaught.

2002 Conference Final

But the rivalry reached its peak in 2002 when the two teams met for the consecutive third year but this time in the conference finals. The Kings were the favorite going into this series and had an early lead series but soon they squandered a massive lead resulting in them losing to the Lakers again. It was one of the brightest eras of the King’s history, with the Lakers being the biggest hurdle in the way of the glory. That’s why the Kings fans had bitter memories of this rivalry and they still have malice for the Lakers in their hearts.

How to watch the Sacramento Kings in the USA?

The Sacramento Kings might not be one of the biggest franchises in the NBA but still, they have a rich history, and their fans are found all over the United States. There are numerous Tv channels that live telecast all the matches of the Kings. But not every person has the time to sit and watch the game live on the TV. So, here we will mention some of the online sources and the applications that you can use to watch the game live on your mobile phone or Tablet, without disturbing your daily routine.

Some of these applications provide you with a 7-day free trial so that you can get a fair idea before purchasing their subscription.

How to watch the Sacramento King in the UK?

The NBA is one of the biggest leagues in the world, attracting a large audience. Likewise, it has gained immense popularity in the UK as well. There are numerous sources available in the UK that stream the NBA. Of notable is the Sky Sports network. Sky Sports is the only bonafide TV broadcaster that telecasts all the matches of the Sacramento Kings in the UK. You can watch all the live action on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Arena channels. Besides these, there is also an online application that you can use to watch the game live on your mobile phone. For online streaming, you can use SkyGO, NOW TV, or NBA TV PASS.   

Where can I watch the Sacramento Kings in Canada?

Canada has the highest international representatives in the NBA. Likes of Ben Simmons, Andrew Wiggins, and other young Canadian players make the core of most teams in the league. The NBA has therefore launched its own channel that exclusively covers all the games of the NBA. Besides it, there are other notable networks that live telecast all the games in Canada and its surroundings. These include RDS, sports net, and TSN network. You can use any of these to watch the game live on your tv sets.

Where can I watch the highlights of the Sacramento Kings?

You can watch the full match highlights of the Sacramento Kings on the official Youtube channel of the NBA. but if you are interested in the short highlights, you can use the following channels.

  • MLG Highlights
  • Hooper Highlights 

You can get an overview of the match by watching the highlights on these channels. You can also use NBA TV PASS to watch the highlights. Besides these, Fox Sports and ESPN network also regularly upload the highlights of the important cations of the game.