Unione Sportiva Sassuolo Calcio or Sassuolo as they are commonly known, are currently in 8th comfortable in mid-table, not in serious contention for Europe, nor in any serious danger of relegation after 35 games in Serie A. In the 35 games played this season, they have won 15, drawn 11, and lost 9 in the league this season. They have done good, but not enough, as they did score a solid 58 in the league so far this season, but have also conceded 52 against themselves which hardly portrays good performances. But they are an exciting team to watch for the neutrals.

Key Players

Domenico Berardi has been their key player this season, as he has been for a number of seasons now. He has scored 16 goals and assisted 5 times in 27 appearances. Francesco Caputo is behind him with 11 goals and 4 assists in 23 appearances. Hamed Junior Traore has 5 goals and 2 assists from midfield this season. Filip Đuričić has 5 goals and 4 assists in 30 appearances, while Andrea Consigli has made 118 saves and 26 clearances in 34 appearances this season.

Recent Form

Sassuolo can be very happy with their recent run of form, as, in the last 10 games, they have won 6 drawn just 2 and lost 2 in Serie A. they have been performing well on either end of the pitches as they have scored 18 in the league and conceded 13 in the last 10 games in the league.


Schedule for US Sassuolo for 20/21





Thu, May 13




Sun, May 16




Mon, May 24




How can I watch Serie A free streaming?

It’s a lot of trouble trying to find a site that streams Serie A matches for free since many of the so-called sites are riddled with ads that make your viewing experience horrible as the best-case scenario, with many other inappropriate and not so good viruses and rats linked to such sites waiting to infiltrate your system and network. The sites are not so easy to find and even if you do, it will cause a lot of trouble before you can watch the match.

Where can I Serie A without signing up for a credit card?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any well-known sites where one can watch the match without having to sign up due to the popularity that they’ve garnered over the years. Along with the broadcasting problems that many viewers have to encounter.


How to stream Serie A matches on Roku and Smart TV?

With the advent of handheld technologies and new breakthroughs being discovered every passing year, it won’t be much of a surprise that many fans can choose to view football matches on either their mobile or their tablet and other accessories. Roku and Smart TV are now compatible with DAZN. The steaming is only limited to one device, but there is no restriction whatsoever on how much a viewer may stream in a single day. There are other innovative technologies either in development or already out in the market for users to choose from.

Which TV channels show Serie A matches in the USA?

Viewers can tune in to ESPN to watch Serie A compete in Serie A at the kick-off time in their time zone to witness the brilliance of their team and the competitiveness of the league. With the pundits giving an overview up until the kick-off and an overview post-match, there is something for every football fan to look forward to apart from the match itself. CBS – Paramount is set to take over from 2021-2024 for streaming Serie A matches in USA.


Where to watch Serie A matches in the UK?

The matches are broadcasted in the UK on Premier Sports and FreeSports. Serie A fans in the UK will be up for a treat, as the pundits provide a preview before kick-off and a post-match talk show where they debate and converse about the match they witnessed and passionately express their opinions.

Where can I watch Serie A highlights?

The broadcasting channels offer the review and recap of matches and highlights. YouTube is one of the best places to catch up on the matches by viewing the highlights, although, YouTube doesn’t offer live streaming of matches, the highlights are available to view for free as soon as the match has ended.

Serie A soccer live streams

Reddit soccer streams offer free streaming services and are highly sought after to access matches of Serie A. It also offers other leagues and teams for those who wish to watch other clubs and matches. The systematic and technical drawback is, that the majority of the streams that are on offer are of HD quality and would require a strong and consistent internet connection for the user to not encounter any trouble while streaming. Though a high-quality stream is highly desirable by fans, it is still not certain if they will accept buffer or lag in their viewing.

Can I watch Serie A matches on mobile or tablets?

It is possible for fans to watch the matches on their phones or tablets. But it will attract a fee depending on where you reside. The fee varies from region to region. In India, viewers require a subscription to the Sony Liv app which comes at a cost of 299 rupees per month. ESPN subscription costs 5.99$ a month.