‘Wednesday’ Moving Production To Ireland As Season 2 Eyes Spring Start – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Netflix‘s reigning most popular series, Wednesday, is headed to a new locale. The upcoming second season of the Addams Family offshoot will be filmed in Ireland, sources tell Deadline. Details are still being firmed up, but I hear start of production is tentatively slated for late April.

Season 1 of Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega in the title role, was shot in Romania from September 2021 – March 2022. Following the massive global success of the coming-of-age horror comedy, which was released in November 2022, the Wednesday sets became a major attraction, giving Romania a TV tourism boost.

Still, the Balkan location presented logistical challenges, with speculation starting soon after production had wrapped that, if the series would go to a second season, it may film elsewhere. Wednesday, which was renewed in January, hails from MGM Television whose sibling Amazon Studios has recent experience with relocating a sprawling genre series after Season 1 with Lord Of the Rings: The Rings Of Power, which moved from New Zealand to the UK.

There is little information about where Wednesday, from Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar and executive producer/director Tim Burton, would go thematically in Season 2. Gough and Millar have hinted that we may see more Addams family members and explore further Wednesday’s relationship with her mother while Ortega, who is becoming a producer for Season 2, has indicated that the show would have stronger emphasize on horror over teen romance.

There is no cast confirmation yet but the studio has extended the options on the main Season 1 actors while scripts are being written, I hear. Getting Wednesday Season 2 up and running has been a priority for Netflix post-strikes.

Wednesday Season 1 sits atop Netflix’s Top 10 list for most popular English-language series with 252M views, almost double the views for its nearest competitor.

Other EPs on the series include Steve Stark (Toluca Pictures), Andrew Mittman (1.21 Entertainment), Kevin Miserocchi (Tee and Charles Addams Foundation), Kayla Alpert, Jonathan Glickman (Glickmania), Gail Berman, Tommy Harper, and Kevin Lafferty.

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