What’s stopping Frasier and Lilith from getting back together? Probably a Star Trek actor

It’s worth noting that for its first 11 seasons, “Frasier” seemed to have an enduring connection to “Star Trek” in general. Kelsey Grammer appeared in season 5 episode “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and several “Star Trek” actors appeared in “Frasier.” Patrick Stewart, who became famous for playing Picard in several “Star Trek” projects, guest-starred in the season 11 episode in which he played Seattle Opera conductor Alistair Burke. Robert Picardo, who played a doctor on “Star Trek: Voyager,” also appeared in a season 9 episode, while Dan Butler, who played Bulldog Briscoe on “Frasier,” appeared as the characters Tom Paris and Steth on “Star Trek: “Voyager” Then there was this time “Frasier” meets “Star Trek”. And this is just the beginning of the connections.

Much of the continuing connection between “Frasier” and the “Star Trek” universe comes from the fact that both were produced by Paramount, and several “Trek” series were filmed on stages near the “Frasier” soundstage at Paramount Studios. However, the appearance of Brent Spiner made it seem like this could have been a much more significant role for the former “Star Trek” actor than a convenient cameo role.

Unfortunately, for some reason, things between Albert and Lilith weren’t meant to be. Still, as Frasier states in “Lilith Needs a Favor,” “The past can be very seductive […] You cannot use the past to fill what is missing in the present. It’s gone now.” With that in mind, hopefully we’ll see more of a forward-thinking story with Lilith in the upcoming episodes of the Frasier revival, where we’ll find out what’s next for the former Frasier if not for Albert.


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