Simulated Reality League

The Simulated Reality League, as the name suggests, imitates real-life sporting events. Cricket is the most popular sport that has simulated cricket competitions such as the Indian Premier League, Big Bash League, and many more. This computer-generated format became more popular during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic since people are restricted from outdoor activities. 

Unlike fantasy leagues where the odds were calculated just once with games played in an abridged timeline, SRL opened up a lot of new chances to punters. Since matches are simulated, the betting markets offered for SRL matches are the same as the ones from regular sports bets. 

Simulated Reality League matches take data from previous league games in a given sport to create their own simulation-based on factors that play a role in real-life games. This data includes player stats, team plays, and form as a whole. The SRL puts in a lot of variables that can affect the odds for the given game.

The SRL made sports uninterruptible

With the SRL, games in multiple sports were continuous. There was no reason to have delayed schedules and moved matches since the games are all simulated. The SRL acts like it has its own league aside from the real ones, making it independent from all the factors that may lead to a game delay and so on.

Injuries, for example, are not taken into account in the SRL. The roster changes may take place but a player injury will not affect the ones in the SRL, making a team fully healthy all the time. This takes out the need for replacement players or lineup changes that are due to many issues that happen in real life.

With the wide flexible schedule of the SRL, punters won’t miss a beat in their games, and they can make the most of their wagers. This gives them more chances to get a lot of winnings.

India’s sports scene has a huge following 

India is one of the biggest nations that are home to a lot of sports. The fanbase in the country is huge and one can even say that sports are almost a religion to the nation. People, mostly the youth, are out in the streets playing their favourite games. This shows the immense love that the people have for sports.

People tune in live on cricket matches especially if it’s the World Cup. It is also covered by a lot of media outlets in the country to deliver information right off the bat. Even if cricket wasn’t the national sport, it might as well be if you consider its immense popularity. Stadiums are always full whenever the Men in Blue play, so this says a lot about the importance of sports and how the SRL can have a huge impact on cricket fans in the country.

The betting industry is thriving in India

Fans are not all about cheering and rooting for their favourite teams and players. In India, betting is a huge part of every sport, and this makes Simulated Reality League matches a huge win for a lot of punters. It can serve as an option for punters aside from the other leagues that they watch.

The pandemic has affected India so much. That led to a lot of games being cancelled, especially cricket matches. The SRL’s launch was the perfect alternative for that problem as it has continuous games that cannot be cancelled even when there is a spike in the cases or other issues. This is how the SRL thrives in the nation in the middle of a pandemic-riddled era.

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