When Racism Ruined Football

The video reflects on some of the worst moments in football. The moments when racism ruined the beautiful game. From monkey chants to throwing stuff at players on the pitch, the fans sometimes bring out the ugly side of us as a society. 

What are the Worst Racist Moments in Football?

Racism goes beyond club football. Even in international games, there have been several instances of racism such as the ones shown in this video. 

Mario Balotelli is one of the players who has been a victim of racism on several occasions.

Apart from Europe, racism also exists in other leagues and continents. Demba Ba faced racism in China, while Eboue was pelted and attacked by Besiktas fans. There is racism against races other than of African origin as well. 

Moreover, racist remarks aren’t always by fans. Sometimes players face institutional racism as well. Recently, Pierre Webo was distinguished as a ‘black man’ by the fourth official while being a part of the coaching staff. As a result, the players walked out of the match.

How to win against Racism in Football?

We all are aware of the moments when racism ruined football. But there also have been moments when the players on the field won against racism.

Dani Alves went viral thanks to his response against racism. The Brazilian defender eats a banana thrown at him while he was about to take a corner kick. The outrageous act was committed by racist Villarreal fans. 

Moreover, Moise Kean also delivered an ace as he scored and celebrated in front of the racist Cagliari fans. The Juventus starlet gave back the best possible response as he let his contribution do the talking. 

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