X/Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino shares ‘truth’ in anti-Semitic posts alongside ads on platform after media fallout: ‘Data wins over manipulation and allegations’

Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, is calling on users to take their side after media companies withdrew their ad dollars over anti-Semitic posts appearing alongside ads on the network.

Yaccarino contacted X to share data about the ads being displayed and maintains that fewer than a handful of people have seen the anti-Semitic campaigns.

“If you know me, you know I am committed to truth and honesty. This is the truth” – Yaccarino sent. “No genuine X user saw ads for IBM, Comcast or Oracle next to the content of the Media Matters article. Only 2 users saw an Apple ad next to content, at least one of which was related to Media Matters.”

She continued: “Data trumps manipulation and allegations. Don’t be manipulated. Take X’s side.”

Earlier in the day, Yaccarino criticized “critics and fabricated distractions” in another post on X.

“What we do at X matters and attracts everyone’s attention. I deeply believe in our vision, our team and our community,” she said. “I am also deeply committed to truth, and there is no other team in the world working as hard as the teams at X. When you are this consistent, there will be critics and fabricated distractions, but we are steadfast in our mission. Thank you for being with us!”

Yaccarino’s posts come after advertisers distanced themselves from X after a Media Matters report alleged that the ads ran alongside white supremacist and pro-Nazi posts. Media companies such as Apple, IBM, Disney, Comcast, Paramount and Lionsgate have paused advertising spending on the social media platform.


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